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Oct 25, 2012 2:37am
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Once upon a time, there was a king and queen, they are very rich, just enjoy
all the things they want, and they had no child. The queen this sad day and
night, said: “I like long crop land.” God last fulfill him, give him a child,
but the child did not look like one, but the head of a small donkey. Mother gone
already met to suffer a great deal, she said that they would rather not have
children do not want to have the donkey, and also want him thrown into the river
to let the fish eat. But the king said: “Come on, since the God he has given us,
he is a son and heir, I wear the crown to sit on the throne of the emperor’s
death.” In this way, this donkey is kept down, began to grow thin and long ears
up for straight forward. Lively nature of this donkey children everywhere
jumping, games, and especially music lovers. So he went to a famous musician,
said “Your ability to teach me, I’m going to piano playing as good as you.” “Ah,
the little master,” the musician said, “This is for you difficult, and your
fingers are too thick, not block piano material I’m afraid the strings can not
stand. “his shirk useless, donkey children want to play the piano, not
non-school piano. Him to coach outlet
learn and diligent, and hard, and finally turn out to be as good as actually

Once this little master went out for a coach outlet
walk, my mind is thinking about something, came to a coach outlet store
well, and feel. His look, to the water and see the water
clear as a mirror, where the donkey look like. His chagrin, with a faithful
servant ran away from home to a very far place. Drifter, and finally came to a
kingdom ruled this country is aging king, but he has a beautiful and exquisite
celibacy female. Donkey children, said: “We stayed here under the bar!” Spoke to
knock on the gates outside when guests Open the door, let him in! “Some people
say that but the door did not open. He therefore sat down, took out his piano,
the protruding front legs began playing, the music is very beautiful sounds. The
porter heard stare, quickly ran to tell the king: “sitting outside the gate
donkey, harp playing with a master’s stick.” Who musician come to me! “King
said. When that donkey children come in all praised The http://www.womensgrappling.org/bbpress/topic.php?id=70782&replies=1#post-79980
minstrel, they let him sit down to dinner together and servants, and he is very
happy, said: “I’m not the head of ordinary donkey, but I Viscount. “and if you
really bit aristocracy, and the warriors who sit next to it.” No, I want to sit
beside the King. “the king smiled, a good sense of humor and said:” Well, and
did as they said: do you mean little donkey, come to me. “He then asked:” little
coach factory outlet
donkey, you think how about my daughter? “donkey child
turned his head and looked at her, nodded his head and said” too beautiful! I
have not seen such a beautiful girl like her. ”” Well, Well, you should also
next to her and sit down! “said the king. “I wish for it!” Donkey children spoke
the side next to the princess to sit down. He ate and drank, both elegant and
also pay coach factory
attention to hygiene.

The noble donkey children lived in the palace for some time, he thought:
“This to me what is the use of it? I have to go home.” He sadly bowed his head,
came to the king in front of requests allows he is gone. But the king has been
in love with him, they said: coach outlet
unhappy “little donkey, do you thing? You look like a vat of vinegar sour what
you want I’ll give you what you want gold?” not, “donkeys child shook his head.
“You want the jewelry and luxury clothing?” No. coach outlet
”” I give to you half my kingdom, will you? ”” Oh, no. “Then
the king said:” What can teach you happy, you want marry my baby daughter, a
wife? ”” ah, yes, yes. “he suddenly became gets excited, it is indeed his hope.
So they held a grand and luxurious wedding. Wedding night, the groom and the
bride was brought into his chamber, and the king wants to know donkey children
manners gentle, then ordered a servant hiding in there. They both walked into a
new house, the bridegroom bolted the door, he thought that only the two of them
in there, I saw him throw off the skin of the body standing there, it was
actually a handsome youth. “Now, you see who I am, look at my suit you.” At this
time the bride is very pleased, and kissed him, psyche loved him. In the
morning, he jumped up, again covered with animal skin, no one would want to get
hidden inside a handsome young man how handsome. Near the old king, “ah,” he
cried, “child has to get up the ass! Daughter, you must be www.buycoachsoutletfactory.org
very sad and could not marry a real person as your husband.” “Oh, no, dear
father I love him like he is one of the most handsome coach outlet
young man, and I will be a lifetime, and he brought together.
“the king was very surprised. But previously hidden in the new house servant to
disclose everything to the king. The king said: “It can never be true!” So
please you to go and take a look at tonight, you saw the king, you listen to me,
you go to his skin away and threw it into the fire and burned. “the king said:”
You’re a very good idea. “when they go to bed at night, he sneaks in, came to
the bed, with the moonlight he saw, and when he will reveal the true shape The a
young Xiangmaotangtang lying in bed, that that Lvpi on the ground. So he took
the animal skin, people out of a fire, and then threw the animal skin inside,
waiting to see it to ashes. The king was anxious to see who have lost something
of the groom will happen, we did not sleep through the night, has been concerned
about. The young man had slept with morning light over the pages of the sky,
want to put that Lvpi, but did not find. He became very frightened anxiety, but
also very sad, saying: “non-escape not.”, But he had left out, but they found
that the king was standing there. King said: “My child, you are such a hurry
going? Your heart what matter? Stay here, you are such a handsome young man, you
are not going to leave www.get-coachoutletonlines.org
me, I put my half Kingdom to you, waiting for my death, the entire kingdom
yours. ”” I also hope to finish the job, then I stay here! “followed by the old
king gave him half of the country, a year after the king died, the whole kingdom
belong to him. After the death of his father, he got another kingdom, would then
live the life of wealth and status.

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