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Oct 18, 2012 11:09pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

NEW YORK At the new Yankee Stadium, the best seats in the house have turned
out to be the emptiest. Reggie Wayne Jersey . The most expensive
spots in Americas costliest ballpark have become an embarrassment packing a
financial sting to the proud New York Yankees, as the Legends Suite section in
the infield has been filled only once in the six games since the US$1.5-billion
stadium opened last week. On most days, the seats that cost $500
$2,500 as part
of season tickets and go up to $2,625 for individual games havent been close to
full. And as TV cameras pick up the patchy attendance with every pitch, it
serves as a little tweak to the nations richest baseball franchise. “Were done
talking about seats,” Yankees president Randy Levine said Wednesday. “Were not
talking about seats.” But fans sure notice. “Its been pretty phenomenal,” said
Aaron Feldstein, a native Californian who lived in Brooklyn for a couple of
years and now resides in Baltimore. He was part of the far-from-sellout crowd at
the Yankees game Wednesday against the Oakland Athletics on a showery, cold
afternoon. The Legend Suite section was about 80 per cent empty, and the upper
decks—which have been mostly full—were a quarter empty. “I remember
watching and you couldnt find an empty seat at Yankee Stadium. And now right
behind home plate theres 15 to 20,” said the 29-year-old Feldstein, who scored a
free ticket from a friend behind home plate—an area that costs $325 as part
of season tickets. Another snapshot of the problem: A count by The Associated
Press totalled 1,895 seats in the Legends Suite, of which 146 were in the front
row from dugout to dugout, costing $2,500 as season tickets and $2,625
individually. —On Tuesday night, only 64 of the 146 seats at the top price
level were occupied in the bottom of the second inning. The outermost Legends
Suite sections, which each contain 90 seats, were entirely empty until two fans
finally emerged to sit in them during the late innings. —On Wednesday, in the
third inning, just 37 of the highest-priced, front-row seats were occupied,
although it was impossible to know if some fans had taken shelter in stadium
restaurants. Yet another sign of how the best seats have been overpriced is
their resale level. Legends Suite seats in section 27B, row 2, down the
left-field line that originally sold for $500 were available for $225 early
Wednesday on the online ticket broker StubHub.com. Tickets in section 23, row 7,
behind the visitors dugout could be had for $263, down from their $850 original
price. “Yeah, we understand its not full. We actually understand why its not,”
left-fielder Johnny Damon said. “Its tough for, you know, business owners to
justify those seats. Its either have those seats or lay off people from work,
and I think that during this tough time, people are going to want to put it back
into their companies and put it back into people instead of spending that type
of money for seats.” A stadium built in boom times—with top-end seats that
give fans access to private clubs and an upscale duplex buffet from white-tuqued
chefs at carving stations—the Yankees front office doesnt seem to have
counted on the recession dampening enthusiasm for the storied franchise. The
team refuses to talk about the financial impact of the empty seats, but if every
spot in the Legends Suite were sold, the club would gross $1.63 million per
game, according to APs calculation. “I think if anybody in any business had
known where this economy was going to go, they would have done things
differently,” Yankees managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner said before the
teams first workout at the ballpark on April 2. “Look, theres no doubt small
amounts of our tickets might be overpriced. You know, were continuing to look
into that. But the bottom line is, the vast majority of them, it seems like
theyre right on because weve sold 35,000 full season equivalents, and a lot of
the tickets have, you know, sold quite well.” MSNBC broadcaster Keith Olbermann,
who owns $850-a-game Legends Suite season tickets in the seventh row between the
dugouts, noted that the downturn has put the Yankees in a tricky position. “I
dont think this was foreseeable when they priced it. I dont think that it was
foreseeable when we bought it,” he said. “The question becomes what happens as
the economy rebounds. To what degree does the economy have to rebound before
that type of spending resumes?” And what do the Yankees do until then? Drop
prices now and anger fans who paid (very) top dollar? Or wait, endure the
ribbing, and wonder what the effect on the actual game is? All those empty
cushioned seats with teak armrests translate to less crowd noise, making Yankee
Stadium a less-intimidating place to play. Oaklands Jason Giambi, who spent
seven seasons with the Yankees, said the new stadium is “kind of bigger and more
spread out than the other one.” In the old ballpark, it felt as if the fans
“were on top of you,” he said. “That made old Yankee Stadium so great.” Pat Angerer Jersey . The Stars have had the
advantage over the Flames in their recent meetings. Dallas has taken two of
three, five of eight and 11 of its past 15 against Calgary. Andrew Luck Womens Jersey . 4 in Los Angeles.
Machida (17-3) lost by submission to title-holder Jon (Bones) Jones at UFC 140
in Toronto last December. Bader (15-2) is coming off wins over Jason Brilz and
Quinton (Rampage) Jackson. http://www.nikeindianapoliscoltsproshop.com/andrew-luck-jersey
. Clarke, Rock (64) and Noren (66) are knotted at eight-under 132 at Kennemer
Golf Club. World No. 6 Henrik Stenson shot a five-under 65 and shares fourth
place with Ross McGowan, who posted a 64 on Friday. Robert Mathis Jersey ., outlasted
Will Strickler in a playoff to become the first Canadian-born winner of the
Dakota Dunes Casino Open on Sunday. Dwight Freeney Jersey .C. —Steve Smiths
locker is filled with dozens of boxes of new cleats, photos of his family,
letters from fans and a small duffel bag containing a list Smith has carried
with him for more than a decade.METAIRIE, La. —The NFL has granted permission
for Saints coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis and assistant head
coach Joe Vitt to attend New Orleans home game Sunday night against San Diego,
in which Drew Brees can break a tie with Johnny Unitas for the NFL record of
consecutive regular-season games with a touchdown pass. NFL spokesman Greg
Aiello says Brees, tied with Unitas at 47, asked that Paytonn, Loomis and Vitt
be allowed to attend even as they continue to serve suspensions of various
lengths in connection with the NFLs bounty investigation.dddddddddddd. Aiello
says the three suspended members of the organization may watch the game from a
private area and may not have contact with the team. Unitas set the record from
1956 to 1960. Brees tied it Sunday at Green Bay, throwing for three scores. ’ ’

Nov 8, 2012 1:41am
User_img_not_found_06_med luoqi 117 posts

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Nov 23, 2012 5:47am
User_img_not_found_02_med linking 41 posts

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Jan 27, 2013 10:21pm
User_img_not_found_06_med luoqi 117 posts

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