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Oct 18, 2012 10:51pm
User_img_not_found_04_med yourss12 19 posts

“Do not be angry ah! Said the boy, angry cause toxins acceleration run.”

“Understand, understand. Calm! Very calm! But I swallow is good, we have to
find ways to whole kid.”

“Black you say yes, I watch the kid liked our Tusun, hey …....

“White, what do you want?”

“Bribed our Tusun is that kid there was eating bitterness.”

“This approach is good! .......

“But what?”

“And so I’m good, I have to delve into poison, poisoning very convenient and
do not have to waste energy with people playing, good good! Why I would have
never thought of it?”

Black, to hear you say this looks like a very reasonable ah! That time that
we behaved apprentice and his apprentice cold Happy Take our Mozhe to a, we no
longer have to be afraid of them. “

Then, two old Hey smirking.

Also did not forget to remind each other: “Danding! Very calm! Do not

The three rì.

Two old can not wait to come to the cave, but waited for a long time it was
not to suddenly angry.

“Hey! That guy that will not be playing us!”

“If he does not come to that how to do?”

“That little girl you know where to live it? Find that he must be able to
find that guy.”

“I know what.”

“Miserable, miserable, we do not have much time, so that, on Impatiens Castle
to find Happy kid to go, because it is his apprentice, if he does not help us
poison solution, we are sick of him.”

The black nodded in agreement, and flew toward impatiens Fort the two blur
Twinkle rapid.

They just turned and was gone, uttered pops cave, two people jumped from the
ground. Although only a short period of three rì, but two people look like
reborn in general.

Cold Yi Yan look of joy: “I did not expect this mysterious attack secrets so
powerful ah!”

“We only practice three measures, did not think that there is such

In fact, a person far more than practice three strategies ah! The entire
secrets early in his mind, and has been since he conceal his own ability, in
order to prevent cold Yi Yan aware of his past will be martial arts, from when
he used only the skill of the three, so it seems also worse than someone want a
big slice.

Of course, a person that people really martial arts very bad, it is
particularly complacency.

She could not help but excitement out of the cave, facing the mountain
shouting: “I can not waste it! I could not useless crap! Father! Mother! Yi Hin
brother! I am no longer a useless waste a!!! “

Watching her look of excitement, Secretary palace submerged street standing
behind her, smiling at her secretly thought: I hope she never can be so happy to
go as they are now.

Just hear the Yi Xuan word when I found myself somehow very

Stepped forward and grabbed her overbearing asked: “that I told you Yi Xuan
brother more important than who?”

Cold Yi Yan looked up and down at him: “how do you compared Nenggen Yi Xuan
brother? While you help me, any connection, I was trained with this Xuangong,
but the Yi Hin brother in my mind …”

“Enough is enough, let alone.”

Looked like cold Yi Xuan cold Yi Yan mention, he would feel waves of

“Hey, how do you it?” Not how. ‘

Someone grin looked at him: “Hey! Secretary palace submerged street, you
would not like me!”

“Which … how can how … how could ah!”

“No?” A woman staring out of his banter authentic: “No Then why are you

“I … I can there be embarrassed? Touches you, how can a girl like? Little
modesty, how can there be like you ask people like it or not?”

A female disapproval authentic: “of course, to speak out like you think I
would like you to conceal it? Man Well if afraid to face their own qíng sense,
just not as good as dead.”

“You …....”

“What do you ah? Wow! Your not really in love with me

Looked cold Yi Yan jump like someone really liked. First, she was ugly when I
first saw Jinke Dong Fang hold up her hand when he coach factory
was inexplicably uncomfortable. When he learned of the
tragic mishap phase Nationalist government when his heart is like a broken

When he was attracted to her, is not it precisely because of this unique one
xìng it? The way she always Ganaiganhen coach outlet
lively, outspoken, a little thought, but the virtuous.

Gone! Fool! Joking with you. “

Secretary palace submerged street they recovered, obediently turned out to be
this little girl playing.

But the thought that one day, cold Yi Yan coach outlet
know all zhenxiang, will startle it? That ugly person is he, he is the Prince of
that lofty, that shadowy Secretary palace submerged street is his.

Painstaking with her and accompany her guard her, when she knew zhenxiang
that day, will be moved to burst into tears, throwing himself on his arms.

Someone in the head constantly YY.

“Secretary palace coach
factory online
submerged street, I find you very abnormal

“I … I not normal?”

“Nothing you laughing laughing? Laugh so evil.”

“I ….... I can there.”

If the Secretary palace submerged street can predict things qíng, he must not
be laughing his face in this evil, but burst into tears, Oath!


Impatiens Fort.

Cold Happy was sitting the absolute qíng temple meditation, suddenly felt two
powerful aura come straight toward the side.

“What people?”

His flying leap, people have a of the absolute qíng temple, to Void standing
in mid-air.


Black and white, hung his head and looked at him.

See two of the look of cold Happy stunned surprisingly good.

“Disciples seen the division of public!”

Symbol of xìng hit coach outlet
hello, ranging from two old man talk about the kind words,
people have been sitting back just position.

The two old men looked at each other, and followed into absolute qíng

“You two old I doing here?”

Black and white suddenly not happy the surface sè sank: “you tell Shigong

Institute of Certified Public! “

The the cold the Xiaoyao goes Lengjun not scared face to reveal a hint of
smiles on their faces. He laughed, especially good-looking, but … the two old
men still feel more handsome when he did not laugh. (In fact, it is more

They suddenly shuddered from the goose bumps.


“White curry favor cried.

“You see we Tusun not seen for so long, you do not have a on such a ‘hot

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