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Oct 18, 2012 4:47am
User_img_not_found_04_med sweety 19 posts

Then an entire afternoon, my kitty busy with all kinds of things at the
venue. Still in the toilet once heard the kitty in the the compartment call the
voice: “I do not care what method you louis vuitton purses
use, you live or die should that sculpture from the doorway
carry in, the door is not so great? Your door smashed should carry come!
Security not let you Zamen? then you directly hit him ah, what kind! “

I heard urine does not come out.

Those models are kitty exceptionally affectionate, English is not good for
me, and which almost gold, blue-eyed evildoer who (thin and beautiful, coach bags outlet
small face, not what is the evildoer? How not to die !) without any
intersection. So saw kitty English fluently and communicate with them,
especially her and a French male model simply French dialogue the two, I kind of
want to kneel paying homage to her feeling.

Finally, when more than five p.m., our task almost come to an end. The rest
on to the show guide. The show guide is a Taiwanese woman, tall and thin, cut a
board brush head should also be a model. Kitty and I’m sitting on the sidelines
to rest, ear front of the T stage, the roar of those models is the woman: “I
want a ‘serious, noble expression, not’ my mom yesterday detect lung expression
also you! How about you, that wearing a bra! your face that is makeup? simply a
pile of feces, you go to wash again over! “

The whole scene is a busy and jolly scene. (......)

I looked around kitty, black dresses, delicate makeup look and her disgraced,
dressed in jeans and a white pullover I am totally not a world of people. To be
honest, from the heart, I envy her. I also want to appear in front of others is
always exquisite, professional, but every time I thought about need an hour
early in the morning to get up pick clothes, make-up, on what had no strength.
“Never coach purses
forget, jeans and T-shirts are also good.” cheap coach
I always comfort myself.

The remember I asked kitty, and why the Palace of Ming and she always dressed
in black, looks serious apathy clothes. kitty’s answer louis vuitton
is: “When you in commercial negotiations or communication
occasions, you need temperament is serious, sensible and a louis vuitton
little cold. black clothes, that is, not the human
characteristics conferred or enhance your this temperament so cold and rational
you show a little bit of mild or concessions when the other side will think you
make a very big compromise. Conversely, when you wear romantic girls like pink,
they or red and green like’ve been to New Year’s Eve, the other absolutely do
not want to waste time on you. previous vendor’s planning manager, about Palace
the Minghe talk things, the results of the other dress just like a graduate of
the University of girl, full body of lace and a pair of broken shoes, Palace
Ming sat down, took a sip of coffee, what would not say, stand up and walk.

Jan 15, 2013 11:37pm
User_img_not_found_02_med fancyfu679 78 posts

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