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Jan 5, 2008 4:03pm
Img_missing_medium cgrinde 1 post

Suggestions for additional modules:
(I am ne to this forum and cannot post URLs, so please excuse me for not posting the links directly due to forum rules)
- Description of module interface to enable people to make their own hardware or a generic module.
-Bluetooth/modem/wifi module
-Storage module that can carry multiple memory cards of different formats but be accessed as one
-Charger module based on kinetic energy(shake your device to charge it)
-IR camera for tracking(See Natural point website or search for ‘wii lee tracking’ on google for the website of Johnny Chung Lee)
-Module to connect system to regular computer screens/projectors(VGA,DVI++)
-Projector module(See Microvision webiste)
-Pressure sensor module
-Radio/DVB reciever