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Oct 15, 2012 12:47am
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

VANCOUVER —The Vancouver Whitecaps will shift their attention from a
cross-country-rivalry to a cross-border one Saturday. Mark Sanchez Jersey Womens . The Whitecaps
host the Seattle Sounders in a Major League Soccer game at B.C. Place Stadium
(TSN, 5pm et/2pm pt). The game serves as a regular-season interlude for the
Whitecaps before they head to Toronto for next weeks second leg of the Amway
Canadian Championship final. “Its kind of a tricky situation for us, because we
have our biggest game of the year on Wednesday,” said Vancouver goalkeeper Joe
Cannon. “Im hoping that we can stay focused. I think, with our crowd, we will be
able to. But theyre a good team.” The Sounders (7-2-1) and Whitecaps (5-3-2) are
rivals from decades and leagues gone by, dating to the original North American
Soccer League in the 1970s and early 1980s. Seattle entered MLS in 2009 and made
the playoffs in its first three seasons, reaching the Western Conference
semifinals in 2011. The Sounders, whose owners include Microsoft co-founder Paul
Allen and TV comedian and game show host Drew Carey, have also won three U.S.
Open Cups that determine the American qualifier for Champions League play—and
boast the leagues highest average attendance at 38,724 per game. Now, the
Whitecaps are looking to emulate Seattles MLS success. “They present a standard
for most teams—certainly, off the field,” said Whitecaps coach Martin Rennie.
“Its incredible the number of people that come to their games, the atmosphere
surrounding the game. And coming in as a new team, theyve had relative success.
Right away, theyve made the playoffs, they won the U.S. Open Cup and theyre
definitely a strong team. Theyre one of the ones that we would look to gauge
ourselves against. “Obviously, theres others, but they would definitely be the
one—and the fact that theyre our local rivals down the road, that means even
just a little bit more.” The Sounders, who will bring a large and loud
contingent of fans up Interstate 5 with them, have won five of their past six
games while building a 7-2-1 record. Seattle has allowed a league-low four goals
against—and just one on the road while going unbeaten (2-0-1) away from
CenturyLink Field. Coach Sigi Schmids crew has produced a modest 12 goals,
putting it in the middle of the leagues scoring pack. But Cannon said the
Sounders are a better offensive team than the statistics indicate. “Theyre a
team thats really spotty,” he said. “They try to create situations and go on the
front foot, and they try to put teams on the back foot. By being so aggressive
offensively, it helps their defence out, because they have guys that are
physical in the back, that can man-mark, and it makes the game very predictable
for them.” Vancouver captain Jay DeMerit said the Whitecaps have to disrupt
Seattles rhythm and “formula.” “They just have a system that they all really
know very well,” he said. “Theyre all on the same page. Theyre very organized,
and away from home, thats a huge key. “For us, we need to capitalize on the fact
that were at home, get them on the back foot and be very wary of the long ball
and stay organized.” Whitecaps attacking midfielder Sebastien Le Toux, who
played two seasons for Seattle in a lower-tier league and one more after the
move to MLS, is expecting his former club to pose a strong test. Le Toux, a
28-year-old Frenchman, hopes to have a strong game after shining in a Seattle
uniform. He scored 25 goals for the Sounders between 2007 and 2009—a key
factor in Vancouvers decision to acquire him in a preseason trade from
Philadelphia. “Its just a very special moment and special game for someone who
spent three years there—and three great years,” said Le Toux. Big things are
also expected of fellow Frenchman Eric Hassli, who has scored four goals in the
past five games after ending a 17-game scoreless drought that spanned two
seasons. Hassli has achieved most of his success in a reserve role. The striker
came off the bench last Wednesday to give the Whitecaps a 1-1 draw with Toronto
in the first leg of the two-game, total-goals Canadian final. He also subbed in
during Vancouvers last home league game against San Jose and scored to give his
club a 2-1 win. “Hes been great for us,” said DeMerit. “When youve got a big guy
like that, hes got offensive talent and likes to get in the box when the games
tight. And when the game gets a bit open towards the end of games, that seems to
be—at least this season—when hes most useful. “That formula, so far, has
been working. If we can get him to do it for 90 minutes, all the better.” Coy
Whitecaps coach Rennie said he is contemplating a start for Hassli—just as he
does before every game. But the Vancouver skipper is confident that Hassli will
provide a strong showing either way. “Hes on a good run scoring goals right now,
and Im sure over the next few games hell be a really key player—whether he
starts or whether he comes on,” said Rennie. “Hes proven he can do well from
either position. So were happy to have him, and happy to be able to choose one
way or the other.” When asked if he would prefer to start, Hassli took the high
road, stressing the need for team success. “I hope we win the game,” he said.
“Thats all I care about. I just work to be ready on game day and try to do my
best every game.” Last season, Seattle earned a win and a draw against
Vancouver. In the second contest, Hassli scored a memorable goal on a volley
from the right corner of the 18-yard box into the opposite corner of the net.
The goal, watched by millions on YouTube, is considered one of the best ever in
MLS play. Hassli smiled at the memory, but said it does not matter to him
whether he scores another highlight-reel goal. “I dont care if I score off my
butt,” he said. “I just want to score.” Note: Saturdays game will serve as part
of the Cascadia Cup series involving games between Vancouver, Seattle and the
Portland Timbers. The team with the best record in the games against each other
will be awarded the fan-created cup named after a region that includes B.C.,
Washington and Oregon. ... The Whitecaps have no significant injuries, although
striker Atiba Harris is questionable due to a bruised thigh. ... Seattle will
play without goalkeeper Josh Ford (knee), midfielder Steve Zakuani (leg),
defender Michael Tetteh (hamstring) and forward Babayele Sodade (knee). Nick Mangold Jersey . Michaels Majors of the
Ontario Hockey League. The new owner is Mississauga businessman Elliott Kerr. Calvin Pace Jersey . Naito (33-2-3) was on
the ropes early in the bout, and was behind on points with all three judges.
However, he came out swinging in the 10th round and stopped Shimizu (13-3) with
a flurry of punches. http://www.timtebow-jerseys.com/antonio-cromartie-jersey?women=18
.Y. —Interim coach Mike Woodson says Jeremy Lin will not play in the Knicks
first-round series against Miami, even if they avoid elimination Wednesday. Dustin Keller Womens Jersey . But that was
before the shenanigans in the ninth inning. Sunday afternoon in front of 6,149
fans at Shaw Park, the Winnipeg Goldeyes beat the Gary SouthShore RailCats 6-5
in a thriller. Dustin Keller Jets Jersey . The Argos sent
former CFL Draft pick CB Leron Mitchell to Saskatchewan in exchange. Mitchell
was drafted by Toronto in the 2nd Round (12th overall) in the 2006 CFL Canadian
Draft.NEW YORK —Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says its up to Lew Wolff to
decide whether to consider additional sites for a new ballpark for the
Athletics, and the Oakland owner maintains hes focused on San Jose rather than a
move outside the Bay Area. Speaking Thursday after a quarterly owners meeting,
Selig said theres no timetable for resolving Oaklands dispute with the San
Francisco Giants. The Giants are preventing the As from building a ballpark
about 40 miles south of Oakland in San Jose, which is part of the Giants
territory. Baseball has been reluctant to approve relocations. When the Montreal
Expos became the Washington Nationals after the 2004 season, it was the first
shift since the expansion Washington Senators transformed into the Texas Rangers
in 1972. Asked whether the As would consider other relocation possibilities,
Selig responded: “Youd have to ask Lew Wolff. Thats really his decision to
make.” Twenty-three teams have opened ballparks since 1989, and the As and Tampa
Bay are the only two teams still seeking new stadiums. Wolff is allowed to
consider other sites within the As territory—such as downtown Oakland—but
approval from MLB would be needed for a move outside the territory. “It depends
where theyd be. They could be all over the world, for that matter,” Selig said.
“They need approval. We have to go through an approval process. It just depends
on where theyre moving to.” Selig established a committee to examine the
situation in March 2009 but appears reluctant to impose a decision on either
team. Wolff, a California real estate developer, has said he does not plan to
sell the team and has no regrets in buying the franchise despite the rundown
Oakland Coliseum. “Lew continues to be committed to moving to San Jose,
following the procedures and guidelines of the commissioner and the committee,”
team spokesman Ken Pries said. “The focus has not changed in keeping the team in
the Bay Area, and specifically San Jose. The focus is San Jose, No. 1, and
keeping the team in the Bay Area.” Selig said last month he hoped the As and
Giants would resolve the matter themselves, but theres no indication that will
happen. “Both clubs yesterday made a presentation to the executive council, but
theres nothing new other than that,” Selig said. He added that he cant provide a
timetable and responded “no” when asked whether some kind of decision was
approaching. Baseball also announced its new one-game wild-card playoffs will be
televised Oct. 5 by TBS and that two division series games will shift from TBS
to the MLB Network under a deal running through 2013. TBS Sportts President
David Levy said a rights fee was involved. Dustin Keller Youth Jersey. The two division
series games will be available in more than 30 million fewer homes on MLB
Network than on TBS —that includes some hometown fans of the teams involved.
Owners also approved having a 2-3 playoff format in this years division series,
deviating from the 2-2-1 that had been used since 1998. The change was made
because the wild-card round was added after schedules were set with the regular
season ending Oct. 3 and the World Series starting Oct. 24. Teams with
home-field advantage will host Games 3, 4, 5, eliminating one travel day, and
the wild-card playoff winners will start at home. Baseball could revert to a
2-2-1 format in 2013, when the regular season is tentatively set to start on
April 1, with a Sunday night game possible the previous day. Baseball is
shifting from the midweek start it used in 2011 and 2012. With the Houston
Astros switching to the American League next year, MLB also is working on a new
schedule format that provides season-long interleague play. He said its possible
baseball could retain six interleague games between rivals, such as the New York
Yankees and Mets, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, the As and the Giants, and the
Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels. “The fans like it,” Selig said. “When your fans
like something, you have to be responsive to that and sensitive to it.” Baseball
hopes to complete its new collective bargaining agreement with players within a
few weeks. A memorandum of understanding on the five-year deal was signed Nov.
22. Rob Manfred, MLBs executive vice-president of labour relations, also gave
MLBs first explanation for last weeks decision to fire Shyam Das, the arbitrator
who in February overturned a 50-game suspension for NL MVP Ryan Braun following
a positive drug test. Brauns lawyers argued his urine sample wasnt handled as
specified in baseballs drug agreement. “Shyam served for 13 years. Thats a very
long time,” Manfred said. “Hes a very high-quality arbitrator. We made a
decision to exercise our contractual right to make a change. Theres nothing more
to that.” Management and the union are to talk next week about selecting a new
arbitrator, who would hear the unions grievance to overturn a 100-game
suspension for Giants reliever Guillermo Mota. Mark Walter and Stan Kasten, the
Dodgers new chairman and president, attended their first owners meeting since
buying the team from Frank McCourt on May 1 in a record $2 billion deal. Owners
approved a six-year extension of the major league constitution and Baseball
Advanced Media, the sports Internet division. ’ ’ ’ 

Oct 24, 2012 1:28am
User_img_not_found_01_med qazqazqaz 469 posts

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Oct 24, 2012 4:07am
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Nov 23, 2012 5:52am
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