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Mar 26, 2013 1:36am
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On your wedding day, besides a gorgeous wedding gown, nothing is more important but a pair of glamorous gloves. Gloves as a bridal accessory could add refinement to your look and turn even the simplest wedding gown into a stunning masterpiece. Wedding gloves are such crucial pieces that we should choose it carefully. There are plenty of various bridal gloves to choose from, so today, I’d like to share some basic introductions about bridal gloves for your choice.
created on: 03/26/13
Elbow Wedding Gloves
These gloves extend to just above the elbow. The ones are the most common ones and they can have various looks. This style is best fit to brides with slim arms, as it accents the upper arms. And it looks best with short-sleeved wedding dresses.

Finger-less Wedding Gloves
It has a changeable length, which means it can be long or sh