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Oct 30, 2012 9:19pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

A banner lies on the ground at the end of a protest in the southern Italian town
of Rosarno January 9, 2010. Jake Locker Jersey . [Agencies] ROME: Police
arrested 12 mafia suspects on Tuesday in the southern town plagued by racial
violence last week, in a swoop the interior minister said was the best response
to organised crimes exploitation of immigrants. Police said they had dismantled
the local clan in the town of Rosarno of the Ndrangheta, Italys most powerful
mafia group, which operates out of the southern Calabria region. They issued 17
warrants for mafia activity, including five for people already in prison on
other charges. Related readings:  Italy in racism debate as migrants quit riot
town  Italy faces new Mafia campaign: top prosecutor  Bomb damages courthouse in
south Italy, no injuries  Italy to beef up security after Berlusconi assault
Interior Minister Roberto Maroni used the arrests to head off criticism of his
handling of the violence, in which more than 50 people were injured in clashes
between locals and African immigrants. This is the best answer we could give,
Maroni told parliament. It is the proof that the state is present in Calabria
and will not let up in hunting down the Ndrangheta. The government evacuated
most immigrants from Rosarno over the weekend, sending those without residence
papers to centres from which they risk expulsion to their countries of origin,
and helping others to leave the town to avoid attacks by residents. The
opposition attacked Maroni for saying the Rosarno violence was due to excessive
tolerance of illegal immigration, and some media commentators, including the
Vatican newspaper, said racism was on the rise in Italy. Some 8,000 illegal
immigrants work in Calabria, most as day labourers picking fruit and vegetables,
and critics say authorities turn a blind eye until it stops being politcally
convenient to do so. Many live in abandoned factories with no running water or
electricity and human rights groups say they are exploited by the Ndrangheta.
Protesters in central Rome carried oranges covered in fake blood to symbolise
the violence towards immigrants and their exploitation in Italys citrus fruit
harvests. Egypts foreign ministry said the Rosarno incident showed religious and
racial discrimination and hatred of foreigners, and called on the international
community to respond. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the violence
was unacceptable but had no religious motives.    Previous Page 1 2 Next Page  
   Previous Page 1 2 Next Page   Rob Bironas Jersey . Shelley Duncans RBI
double in the eighth inning gave Cleveland a soggy 3-2 win over the Chicago
White Sox on Monday night in the second game of a day-night doubleheader delayed
by rain. Matt Hasselbeck Jersey . —Barbara Jardin of
Montreal highlighted a big medal day for Canada at the U. http://www.titansprostore.com/kendall-wright-jerseys
. Even he hasnt seen anything like what the Braves did Friday night. Atlanta was
down 9-0 after five innings with Washington Nationals star pitcher
Stephen Strasburg on the mound. Chris Johnson Jersey . The two sides failed
to score in their first matchup in Montreal, although the Impact carried the
play and had the better chances. Montreal have also been the better squad in MLS
play. Nate Washington Jersey . The two injured
police were delivered to a hospital in Yaring already. Related
readings: Thailand ends curfew in Bangkok, nearby provinces Yellow shirts carry
on in Thailands anti-government heartland Military returns order after protests,
but Thailand remains divided Thailand under pressure to end chaos The scene is
now sealed off and investigation officials are currently inspecting.EDMONTON—
Canadas Olympic water polo dreams have gone down the drain. Canada fell 10-6 to
Greece in quarter-final play at the Olympic mens water polo qualifying
tournament on Friday. The game determined which of the two teams would advance
through to the Summer Olympic Games in London. Nicolas Constantin-Bicari and
Kevin Graham each had two goals and Aaron Feltham, and Justin Boyd the others in
the losing cause for the Canadians ,who were hoping to qualify through to the
Olympics for only the second time in team history after making it to the 2008
Summer Games in Beijing. Canada had also appeared in three other Summer Olympics
without going through the qualification process, filling in for teams that
dropped out in 1972 and 1984 and as the host team in Montreal in 1976. “We gave
it all we had tonight,” said Graham, a Regina native. “We knew it was going to
be a tough match-up, going up against the Greeks. They are an experienced team
and they wanted to go to the Olympics every bit as badly as we did. Our team put
it all on the line tonight, and thats all you can ask.” Canadian goalie Robin
Randall, originally from Drinkwater, Sask., was still a bit stunned after the
contest. “This is going to take a few days to process, thats for sure,” he said.
“Im obviously super disappointed we didnt accomplish the goal we set out to do.
But Im really happy with the heart our team showed being without our coach and
all of the emotions of playing in front of the home fans. The focus this team
showed was wise beyond its years.” Canadian team head coach Dragan Jovanovic
wasnt allowed on the pool-side coaching platform for the match after receiving a
red card for his complaints to officials in Canadas final round-robin loss to
Spain, their only defeat in four games to that point. “It wouldnt have made a
difference if I was on the bench or not,” Jovanovic said. “The guys fought
really hard and never gave up. I have to congratulate them on their spirit. It
is how we will build a winning mentality. Im very proud of the way they played.”
Montenegro, Romania and Spain also qualified for London at the tournament held
at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton. Canada had a tough start to the match
and were lucky to only be trailing 1-0 on a Greece goal three minutes in thanks
to some strong goalkeeping by Randall. The Canadian side got on the board on one
of their first shots of the match with 52 seconds left in the first quarter on a
goal by Constantin-Bicari, but Greece quickly countered to lead 2-1 after the
opening eight-minute quarter. Kenny Britt Jersey. The Greek swimmers surged
ahead 3-2 three minutes into the second quarter and continued to press, forcing
Randall to make a huge save on a penalty shot. The Canadians briefly closed the
gap on a goal by Graham with 33 seconds left but Greece scored another late goal
to lead 4-2 at the half. Canada started better in the third quarter on an early
penalty shot goal by Graham, but Greece once again took away momentum with a
goal just 24 seconds later to make it 5-3. Canada once again made it a one-goal
game on Constantin-Bicaris second of the match from in tight midway through the
third, but Greece came right back on the third goal of the contest from Georgios
Afroudakis. The teams traded goals, with Canadas coming from Feltham, before
Greece added a penalty shot with seven seconds remaining. Argyris Theodoropoulos
converted the penalty for his third goal of the game as Greece led 8-5 heading
in to the final quarter. Greece basically put the game with another goal away
early in the fourth. Canada came back with a goal from Boyd, but Afroudakis
scored his fourth to make for a 10-6 final and officially end the Canadian
Olympic hopes. “Its hard but there is a big silver lining in that pretty much
this whole group is going to be around for another run at the next one,” Graham
said. “I guarantee every guy on this team is now thinking about 2016. We missed
our chance to make London and it is going to take a little while to get over
that, but this is a group that is going to keep fighting and you havent seen the
last of us, for sure.” “This is the youngest team in the world, by far,”
Jovanovic added. “The other teams will likely change quite a bit after this
years Olympics. The future for this program is very bright. We just need to wait
a little bit for this team to grow and mature.” Notes: There were 11 teams
taking part in the Olympic qualifying event. In addition to Canada and Greece,
teams from Germany, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina,
Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey also took part with the top four earning berths
at the Summer Olympics in London… Venezuela was intended to be the 12th team
but opted out of the event… Canada finished second in Division B in
round-robin play, while Greece placed third in Division A… Coach Jovanovic was
an elite goalkeeper from 1978-2000 in Serbia. ’ ’ ’ 

Feb 18, 2013 3:16am
User_img_not_found_02_med waleed20100 1191 posts

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