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Oct 19, 2012 11:38pm
User_img_not_found_01_med xiaoxiao 1 post

Etc. jin sung to accompany him to stroll three blocks, he cheated card
countless yuan brush teeth in the heart, she concluded.

Just two hours of food and drink he washed off at least five hundred
thousand, www.coachfactorystorees.net
and all the money on her card, do not temperance man can money be strange!

Worse, she did not think that shopping is a pleasure, when numerous eye knife
you have to Chenxing even more profound understanding.

“I want to go back.” Black face absolute Zhesi not promised, she immediately
phoned Gushao Cheng, so he came to pick their own the way complaint the only
Saobao fox wickedness.

“Sister, you do not like me?” Look at her face black flower, sad and wags its

“If you do not spend so much money, I might be able to like you a little.”
The STAR teeth back his unhappy you so much money is enough for her to spend
long ah?

Sister-in-law, how can this be? Money is not brought spend it? “Someone

“That is not you this flower Act!” And those are her good money, though they
are Gushao Cheng to her, but gave her little treasuries!

Someone to take her coffers surgery, then the United States is also a

“Big brother to sister-in-law can ask if you need the money Oh, are not you
embarrassed openings right package to me.” He tilted orchid fingers patted her
shoulder: “I row, Gan Minger I help you. “

I had seen.

You are a money making expert!

Jin sung to jilt him a supercilious.

Even waved toward his small fist: “You painted my card, I’ll let you lying
dead in the wilderness!”

Discuss a dull flower, but laughing and joking Taohua Yan squint: “Nothing,
as long as the sister-in-law happy is to make violence dead wilderness I also
willingly Who told you that my sister-in-law.”

Well, and the fox than the nerve, it is not coach factory
what intelligent people do things.

“I want to go back, if you did not empty my own bar is like a taxi.”

“That which as I told Brother guaranteed personally send you back, the taxi
then hard cushion how to sit you?” The flower flew bow stoop, and went to the
parking lot personally drove up to the front of her gracious to open her door,
but still love to do each action ultimate perfection.

Chen Xing thought, perhaps this is long-term Saobao develop sequelae.

The other side, Allure Group.

Sitting on one hundred square meters of office of the president, looking at
the small four just got it in a video, the whole person, no waves, no waves saw
a while, only sign pen in his hand, at the moment only the lower half.

“Fuck! Brother, let me bring people to destroy that guy, How dare plucking
tiger head, simply want to live.” The south hot temper up, the gun body slammed
dig out.

Unlike been cold four, he erupted breath to tell you, the Lord is mixed
black, no others in the Lord is to court death!

All temper written on her face, simple, strong, no-brainer will be able to coach factory
see his coach outlet
emotions from his face, and later Chenxing been listening to
his home Huanhuan said, she is like him, with such a person together do not have
to play the scheming, the sky is falling down he will be carrying, but do not
worry he will betray, this is simply a strong but loyal popular Prince.

“Come on, big brother in order to hands-on, also the wheel to get you?” Am I
not a man? The unified management small four dark Methodist pick the

Five small inside, statements were made by four, then at least, but a few
words of the people, the effort re anything Cangzaixinli let you guess, but Gu
Shaocheng but the most faithful!

Nanbai ho grumpy, “Big Brother you have a word, a word and I’ll kill him!
People are climbing on their heads, what are you waiting for concerns.”

“Anyway, the summer home of the people.” Dick white ruthless which to sit,
filling cleared about dignified him holding a cup of blue and white porcelain
teacup, a small sip of: “If you can not hands-on, temporarily or not hands-on,
small Correctional large commandment look or permitted. “

“Summer home how Are we afraid they fragmentation, all these years we let
them many times, really group to a shameless face the scum” Nanbai ho sip.

Words Fench Shuangshoubaoxiong, did not stand against the wall.

Ruthless white facial features with a very coach outlet
smile, he is a very gentle person, has always been not in
favor of surgery or a gun, gentle his features. But it has also been said that,
coach factory
when the White Master fundus not smile, is a catastrophe.

“Or to look at the meaning of Big Brother.” He carrying his head, elegant
Gouzhuo legs, take more than eyes looked big brother.

Big Brother is the most important friend and brother, the summer home
heartless, he has been to not do injustice: “If you really move, I am afraid
that the old lady over there not explain.”


Half signed pen and broken into two halves, white ruthlessly grabbing Lianmei
the, finally found his touch to the bottom line of the big brother, the next may
be a storm, coach
he put down the cup: “I still do, I go first, on a small
four, I just have something to look for you, go together. “

The sense of smell Introduction Fench nodded his head, rushed to keep up.

The rest the unresponsive Nanbai ho, still there Mamalielie: “the old lady,
old lady so eccentric, and my heart has never been a Big Brother, why give him

“Ah!! Brother Oh, do not hit me, why do you, big brother you crazy thing? Ah
ah ah …...............

Outside the white and say, heard only the faintest www.coachoutlets—canada.com
cries, they both secretly glad wiped the cold sweat.

In this world, where there are three words can not appear in the ears of Big
Brother, that is, his own mother, the summer home of the “old lady”!

Mercilessly shook ears white, took out his phone: “Hey, furniture company?
Last set of furniture, sending a set of over, location, Allure Group Office of
the President.”

“Hey, you are standing in the doorway doing it?” Sound bite, flower carrying
Chenxing just upstairs dedicated channel from the parking lot, I saw the brother
and Mahone standing in the doorway, a look of gloating expression.

Cunning as he has not http://integration.resel.fr/?q=node/2779
yet heard the cries of wear to the office, rush bailing.

“Sister, big brother’s office where you go, I go there prior.” Turned and
rushed retreat.

But do not want to hit an iron wall of human flesh.

He touched almost destroyed the hair, plaintive stare words Fengchi one:
“Mahone, how do you each time walking no sound, Oh, I brought you a gift back, I
went to your take. “

White ruthless followed by carrying him after neck collar, smiling:

“Brother, hee hee.” The two men do not sell Meng entirely in vain

“Five, I heard two men to your blows, and finally into the hospital?,

Oct 30, 2012 9:16am
User_img_not_found_04_med hhnhsq0326 4 posts

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Feb 17, 2013 4:23am
User_img_not_found_02_med waleed20100 1191 posts

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