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Oct 19, 2012 7:15am
User_img_not_found_02_med reply 20 posts

The world’s most enduring and most touching is the share casual virtue.

With street children, she went to study abroad Zou Xiaojing, Shandong For
city people, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and a master’s degree in
1999 admitted to Tsinghua University in 1992, the same year, admission to
Florida State University in the United States due to outstanding doctoral. From
she received a letter of acceptance to truly embark on the road to study in the
United States, has dragged on for a full year’s time, and almost lost a great
opportunity for America to pursue his studies, which actually are a prime
strangers from Guiyang no blood relationship orphans …


Zou Xiaojing be notified after the winter break of 1995, has been recommended
for admission to study for the university’s graduate. In this way, she can save
the examination preparation review time outside RBI worker, make some money, to
allow parents to take a breath. Zou Xiaojing from rural Shandong Zhucheng
family, a poor family, their parents several children to study very

In fact, Zou Xiaojing admitted to Tsinghua University Department of Radio
from 1992 has never stopped work-study. Her help in the school’s mailroom
sorting mail.

In Zou Xiaojing know walked to graduate a few days, she was sorting mail when
unexpectedly found a letter from an unthinking. With a pencil on the envelope
says Tsinghua University Restaurant crooked, my father received. No inscription,
the handwriting is very immature, as if from the hand of an elementary school
student. See the postmark, sent from Guiyang. This is clearly a dead letter,
that is, it is not possible to delivery, there is no way to refund only pay the
post office handled. But the the crooked handwriting on the envelope allows Zou
Xiaojing heart of a dynamic, she opened the envelope, hoping to find the little
clues to delivery.

Letter is written in the cigarette box rear of tinfoil

Daddy, hello, I’m your son Fuyuko you do not want me?, Sister soon go you go,
I want to eat cabbage Street, always playing, you Come Festival ( Then) I, I can
not live. I wash the dishes last month, a hotel owner, he said I am not a clean
brush to knock my head with a hammer, now head dizzy, and I gave him to see the
child, I watched and fell asleep, he take off the soles hit my face, Dad, I
really can not live, you come festival (then) I, I can give you mahjong rope,
you roll the pipe down.

Zou Xiaojing read this letter, the heart suddenly clench. Her letter to get
the dormitory with the students together to discuss separately to the school to
inquire about various restaurants that did not come from Guiyang, the son who
Fuyuko, a week later, but do not have any clue. There are two home chef in
Guiyang, www.get-coachoutletonlines.net
said no “cabbage Street” in Guiyang.

Zou Xiaojing feel strange and disappointed, she went to the bookstore and
bought an atlas of Guizhou Province, Figure opened Guiyang city, really how
could not find the “cabbage Street. She gave the call of Guiyang’s 114 directory
assistance, check the cabbage Street neighborhood offices phone, people reply
that she is simply not the place names.

In early April 1996, the graduate internship. Zou Xiaojing has been
recommended for admission to graduate school, do not need to participate in
graduation internship and thesis design. Could have used the time to part-time
to earn extra money outside, Zou Xiaojing voluntary registration go to remote
areas to participate in the thesis, internship to the whereabouts of a column in
the application form, Zou Xiaojing earnest fill in the word “Guiyang”.


Zou Xiaojing choose Guiyang two reasons, one, Guiyang is the central place of
our large electromechanical enterprises and research institutions. Furthermore,
her letter Fuyuko obsession. She guessed “cabbage Street” certainly a a
particularly small alley, so we do not know, but as long as there is this place,
Guiyang certainly can slowly inquire.

Zou Xiaojing Guiyang, units report go to practice, and then immediately ask
around this place “cabbage Street”. A lot of life in Guiyang elderly man heard
the name was perplexed. She went to access to information, including the names
office of the municipal government of Guiyang several suburban counties,
“cabbage Street” streets. Zou Xiaojing completely disappointed.

One day, she workshop internship occasionally hear the workers next to
another joked: “You have the ability to cabbage Street to run wild ah.” Zou
Xiaojing a heart of a dynamic, quickly pulled the workers asked “you say cabbage
street where ah? “who workers said with a smile:” In fact, no cabbage Street,
this place our boys in Guiyang There is a saying: ‘the Seongdong the guy
handsome, west of the guy stayed Seongnam guy everyone loves , the Chengbei the
guy is a rotten cabbage ‘to this cabbage Street, just north of the city.

Zou Xiaojing a delight, the taxi immediately went straight to the north of
the city.

Car, Zou Xiaojing immediately appreciate why it is called here the cabbage
Street “on the streets, sewers and streams, roadside piled garbage, flies,
flying looked roadside houses are dilapidated. Zou Xiaojing door to door to
inquire Fuyuko grew up a little dementia, primary school drop out at home have
not finished. The parents do not like him, and often quarrel because of this
child, divorced three years ago Fuyuko parents, who do not want him. Fuyuko
father to Beijing to work, then allegedly Tsinghua Park opened a restaurant,
mail to 200 dollars. Is no longer news. Last Dongzi mother ran away with others,
Fuyuko alone throw in the cabbage Street. Initially everyone to feel sorry for
him, and gave him to eat wear later, neighbors found the child stealing, no
longer control him, that sealed the unthinking letter is just on the children in
the second grade to help he wrote.

Volunteered to lead the way Zou Xiaojing brought a dilapidated courtyards,
and directed inside shouted “Fuyuko, your father call someone to pick you

The yard filled with feathers and chicken offal, a thin bone Lingding the
children stare standing in the middle of the courtyard, carrying a bamboo basket
on the shoulders, which are full of dead chickens. I heard someone calling him
saw Zou Xiaojing www.buycoachsoutletfactory.org
came in, transfixed. Zou Xiaojing see the child to lean into it, my heart burst
of sorrow and grief. She pulled up the child’s hand and http://forum.drnona-net.com/viewtopic.php?pid=38598#p38598
said: “Fuyuko, your father let me see you.”

Her Fuyuko back to the factory dormitory own internship hit, give him a meal,
looked like he devoured, Zou Xiaojing heart more sad. Then letting the child to
take a bath and put on a new dress, a closer coach outlet
look, but it is still a much longer quite handsome child.


During this time, Zou Xiaojing In addition to these unfortunate that in the
workshop, all the time and effort on Fuyuko body, she took Fuyuko go to the
mall, go to amusement parks, go to the zoo to see the tigers, seems to take
Fuyuko encountered have to make up over. Whenever Fuyuko asked what time to go
to my father, Zou Xiaojing said sister internship over again, your father in a
very far place waiting How about you. “Looked at the smiling faces of children
happy, Zou Xiaojing also feel very happy, at least that he was not mistaken that

The child is found, but the future of the children how to do it, in order to
give the child a stable future, Zou Xiaojing and go back and forth between the
various departments. Her go first to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Government
adoption Fuyuko, but the Bureau of Civil Affairs said Fuyuko are not orphans,
his parents are in, say, welfare funds tight, very strict adoption procedures.
Zou Xiaojing anxious, went to the Public Security Bureau to reflect to Fuyuko
parents suspected of the crime of abandonment, throw the kids in the streets no
matter. Dad, on the public security bureau, she accidentally got another to make
her more shocking news as early as six months ago, the Beijing police have wrote
to the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang, request help wanted Fuyuko certain
restaurant operating original Dongzi dad poor bankruptcy, the road to drug

Lulu sever how to do? Own a student, you even can not feed live, how can feed
a person, and is such a person, Fuyuko do not know what money is, go to the
supermarket, if hungry, hand my mouth took Jiuwang. Others rushed him to ask for
money, they let people simply take the original would like to find the child,
take the time to find his father, now impossible to find a father, Zou Xiaojing
children do not have the heart to throw back to the cabbage Street.

Before Zou Xiaojing want to practice time has ended. Mid-May 1996, Zou
Xiaojing collar internship identification of the book, after much consideration,
Zou Xiaojing who left a few hundred dollars stuffed Fuyuko pocket Fuyuko by bus
to the cabbage Street Station, told Fuyuko said: “You wait for me here, I’ll be
right back.” Fuyuko seem to find what silent nodded, coach outlet
did not speak, Zou Xiaojing quickly turned away, like what did the bad

Back to the dorm, Zou Xiaojing pack, and then two hours will board the
express train back to Beijing. This time it was already late, street lanterns
are, Zou Xiaojing think face waves of hot, uneasy walking around. She seems to
see under dim lights, Fuyuko being a man stood alone, the father abandoned his
mother abandoned him … think here, Zou Xiaojing her anymore, she hurried to a
taxi and went straight to the cabbage Street, gradually ridden night Fuyuko
still silent waiting, Zou Xiaojing a child in his arms, could not help but burst
into tears, she finally learned not wait until after the great regret invasion
Unfinished wish is the largest life gift.

The with Dongzi returned to Beijing, Zou Xiaojing over the full three years
of painful hard life.

In order to arrange Dongzi, Zou Xiaojing near the school coach factory
rented a small houses Fuyuko a living is not assured, the
curtain to the house every half own sleep outside wooden bed. Fuyuko previously
by stimulation too often exclaimed in a dream, she hurried up, hold Fuyuko’s
hand and said, “Nothing, nothing, my sister in it.” Rent, plus the cost of
living on Fuyuko, Zou Xiaojing in the mail room asked my father to go outside
help, and looking for a work-study program to clean stairs, every month more
than 300 dollars of income, can barely sustain life, sensible Fuyuko helped my
sister tried to do the housework, nor a. Sometimes Zou Xiaojing initiative to
lift Fuyuko but said: “I do not have a father, along with his sister over.”

Zou Xiaojing is to memorize foreign words once when I did not expect Fuyuko
also followed up and recite speak clearly, enunciate, Zou Xiaojing was
surprised. She deliberately back a few words wrong Fuyuko also follow back
wrong, Zou Xiaojing thought maybe this child is not born with dementia, there is
the idea to let the children learn, she got some junior secondary language
textbooks, no think Fuyuko even never forget it, and soon will be able to recite
every word. Zou Xiaojing take the kids to the hospital, the doctor said that
this child’s mental development is rather strange, memory is surprisingly good,
but the logic is very low capacity. If such a person is absolutely nurture
talent. “Which makes Zou Xiaojing agreeably surprised.

No matter how difficult, Zou Xiaojing never himself adopted an orphan thing
to tell someone. She just silently bear the heavy burden of life, the care and
nurturing of a child there is no blood relationship. In such a difficult case,
she did not delay their own homework. In November 1998, she was their
outstanding achievements, as Tsinghua University’s only student representative
to participate in the State Key Laboratory of the third generation of Beijing
Electron Positron Collider, won the praise of peers. Fuyuko Zou Xiaojing
painstaking cultivation, also self-finished elementary school all the


In early March 1999, the good news came, the Zou Xiaojing in to participate
in the electronic outstanding performance in collider experiments, the Florida
State University in the United States to Zou Xiaojing full scholarship her to
the United States Ph.D. graduate student, but coach outlet
when exit procedures , but out of trouble.

In early April 1999, Zou Xiaojing took notice to the U.S. Embassy for visas
and passports, other requirements Fuyuko and Zou Xiaojing’s immediate family
relationship notary, also Fuyuko economic security in the United States. Zou
Xiaojing repeatedly explain their Fuyuko although not immediate family, but
special circumstances, extremely difficult to break away. As for the economic
security of their own scholarship completely enough for two people. The visa coach outlet store
officials can not agree.

The end of October 1999, the school has been, Zou Xiaojing quietly gave up
the chance to study, to find copies of programmers working in Zhongguancun, a
month to get two thousand dollars. After a slight improvement in the economic
situation, she Trustee to find the relationship between Fuyuko into a school, a
day after work, Zou Xiaojing make dinner, waiting Fuyuko came back from school,
waiting for his son’s mother as a calm and peaceful.

The end of December 1999, the Florida State University found that Zou
Xiaojing did not enrollment time, feeling very strange, sent a letter to the
Tsinghua University, query Zou Xiaojing situation, Zou Xiaojing mentor Professor
Ouyang originally thought Zou Xiaojing has come to the coach factory outlet
United States, the receipt of the letter from the American
school after was very shocked to shop around to find the whereabouts of Zou
Xiaojing learned Zou Xiaojing give up the chance to go abroad, but worked in the
country for programmers severely criticized Zou Xiaojing meal. Zou Xiaojing tell
things the causes and consequences of listening to, white-haired old professor
could not help but heaved a cry, and you can send their children to me and your
wife ah. Zou Xiaojing difficult to say: “You are so much older, and I have the
heart to where …” the old professor said: “My child, you did nothing wrong, it
makes coach
me re-think of a way.”

In February 2000, the eve of the Spring Festival in Millennium Miss Dai Weisi
UNESCO observers to visit Tsinghua University, Professor Ouyang also invited to
attend the forum. When talking about the Sino-US student exchange, Ouyang
Professor truthfully explain Zou Xiaojing did not the United States.

Miss Dai Weisi listened astonished the world in the midst of this kind of
give up studying, she was excited and sometimes can not.

In early April 2000, Miss Dai Weisi sent autographed Fuyuko provide economic
guarantees, and a Chinese secondary school admission notice to cleared all
obstacles Fuyuko accompanied by the United States. Zou Xiaojing expressed great
appreciation letter to Miss Dai Weisi Miss Dai Weisi replied earnestly: “not you
want to thank me, but I want to thank you, you make me see the demeanor of a
knowledge of women dignity and a gold mind, when you arrived in the United
States, I would be happy to provide more help … “

Feb 17, 2013 4:20am
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صور اطفال حزينه
اطفال حزينة
صور اطفال بنات 2013
صور اطفال بنات
اطفال بنات
صور اطفال جميلة 2013
صور اطفال جميلة
اطفال جميلة
صور اطفال 2013
صور بنات الجزائر 2013
صور بنات الجزائر
صور اسلامية حلو 2013
صور اسلامية حلو
صور كلمه الله 2013
صور كلمه الله
صور اسلاميه
صور دينية 2013
صوردينيه 2013
صور اسلامية 2013
صور الطبيعه 2013
صور الطبيعه
رسائل الوداع 2013
رسائل الوداع
رسائل وداع
مسجات الفراق 2013
مسجات الفراق
مسجات فراق
رسائل الفراق 2013
مسجات عتاب 2013
مسجات عتاب
رسائل عتاب 2013
رسائل دينية 2013
مسجات اسلامية 2013
رسائل اسلامية 2013
رسائل حزينه 2013
Sad messages
رسائل اعتذار 2013
رسائل اعتذار
رسائل الاعتذار
مسجات نكت 2013
رسائل نكت 2013
رسائل مضحكة 2013
صور دموع 2013
صور دموع
صور الحزن 2013
صور الحزن
صور حزن 2013
صور حزن
صور فراق 2013
صور فراق
صور الفراق 2013
صور حزينة 2013
صور حزينه 2013
Photos Sad 2013
رسائل رومانسية 2013
رسائل رومانسية
رسائل رومانسيه
رسائل شوق 2013
مسجات رومانسية 2013
مسجات رومانسية
رسائل عيد ميلاد 2013
رسائل عيد ميلاد
عيد ميلاد
مسجات عيد ميلاد 2013
رسائل غرام 2013
رسائل غرام
مسجات غرام 2013
صورالفراق 2013
صورحزينة 2013

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