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I like to eat cake and write code, ideally at the same...
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Using Public Key Authentication with your BUG

The BUG uses dropbear at its SSH daemon. You can create a .ssh directory under the home directory of the root account and place an authorized_keys file in there, just like you could on most servers that support SSH. See a previous posting by me for more details.Not specifying a passphrase when setting up your keys is super convenient, but it does mean anyone with access to the computer that has your private key can...
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Speeding up SSH connections to your BUG

When SSHing to your BUG, you may notice a second or two delay before you get a prompt, even if you're just connecting over the USB ethernet connection from your computer.This typically happens because the SSH daemon (dropbear) on the BUG is trying to do a DNS lookup on your IP address. If it can't find a DNS entry, or can't get to a DNS server, it can take a few seconds before it will...
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Using USB ethernet with a Mac

If you're doing your Eclipse / Dragonfly BUG app work on a Mac, you will likely be using the USB ethernet connection to your BUG. Whenever the BUG boots, the g_ether module, which provides the USB ethernet, will by default generate a random MAC. OS X tracks network connections by MAC, and so every time you boot your BUG you will need to go through the process of creating a new enX connection for it,...
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Pulling in an OE Recipe

If there's a package you'd like on your BUG, but it isn't provided by default, you can often get the recipe for it from OpenEmbedded and use it to build the package for you. This is pretty easy if you already have the build environment setup for the BUG (see how to on the wiki).First, download OpenEmbedded using the instructions in the Obtaining OpenEmbedded Using GIT section of their Getting Started page. Once you have...
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