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Classes in the Test Kitchen: Make your Arduino Tweet

Sign Up:  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/351294732Description:Want to make your own Tweet-a-Watt or Botanicall that posts data to a Twitter account for you to follow?  In this class, we'll play with the Arduino Ethernet Shield and look at how to connect to remote servers. We'll build a simple project that will take button press data and post it to a Twitter account from the Arduino device using HTTP.  We'll go over the basics of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and the HTTP...
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Marvell 88W8686, OLPC, libertas_tf... BUG as wifi AP?

I've been spending some spare time trying to get the BUG as a wifi AP.  I'd pretty much given up on libertas_tf because it was specific to the Marvell Libertas 8388 USB 802.11b/g cards (as I understand it), and the 88W8388 used in the OLPC XO-1.  Anyway, it looks like the OLPC XO-1.5 will be using the 88W8686 Marvell wifi chipset, which could have some sweet windfall for BUG users.  Have a look here:http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.laptop.org/msg22226.htmlandhttp://wiki.laptop.org/go/Thinfirm_1.5Looks super...
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4 days and counting to the Open Hardware Summit!

We've got 4 days to go until the Open Hardware Summit! And it's coming together marvelously. Don't forget to get your ticket!The Open Hardware Summit is a venue to discuss and draw attention to the rapidly growing open source hardware movement. Speakers at the Summit include world renowned leaders from industry, academia and the DIY community. The summit focuses on hardware as a system through a series of discussions and panels on BUSINESS, LAW, MANUFACTURING,...
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BUG to N810 serial hack

On his blog, cmw just posted details (and pictures) of yet another awesome BUG-related hack. After building the first homebrew BUGmodule and following up by porting Quake to the BUG, cmw shows us his latest invention - a little level-shifting thingamajigeroo that interfaces two serial devices. In this case, a BUGbase and a Nokia N810. "Since most embedded hardware has a serial port (typically hidden in an obscure place) I decided to build a device...
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Google Creative Sandbox

After work Thursday, some of us attended Google's Creative Sandbox '09 here in New York. The invite said it's a showcase for creative folks.. and something about free drinks. The event was very lively and full of festive spirit. There was a main presentation on SketchUp and its integration with Google Earth-- the presenter dropped a huge space shuttle over Wall Street. Some of other demos included YouTube Insight (statistic tool), Google TV (not for...
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Update Open Hardware Definition

The Open Hardware Definition has been updated with a statement of principals: Open source hardware is hardware whose design is made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, distribute, make and sell the design or hardware based on that design. The hardware's source, the design from which it is made, is available in the preferred format for making modifications to it. Ideally, open source hardware uses readily-available components and materials, standard processes, open infrastructure,...
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The Amazing and Inspiring LinuxCon!

Bug sent me to LinuxCon in Portland last week. Having used Linux for only two years I found people most welcoming and willing to share their knowledge, but I guess I should have known that would be the case as open source communities <3 sharing info!I had the pleasure of meeting Linus Torvalds - the *real* Linus Torvalds, AND actually some of the fake Linus Torvalds - make sure to watch the video - that...
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Bug Labber's BBQ at Prospect Park

A week or so back we here at Bug Labs gathered to talk business, look ahead to the 4th Quarter and new year, share ideas, and ask questions.  We then headed to Prospect Park to enjoy a (rather cold) mingling session and bbq.  Matt P. brought his dog, there was frisbee, and Brian B. (pictured) really relaxed and finally gave us his natural smile.  I also learned Amie has never been camping (whoa). 
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Linux Install Fest

August 1st at 1pm-6pmPut Linux on your laptop! We will have a few distros of Linux to choose from. Be prepared by bringing your backed-up laptop. We will also have Ubuntu on a USB stick specially for your netbook. There will also be a demonstration of Poky Linux on a BUG from Bug Labs. Join us whether you're new to Open Source and want to see what Linux is all about or if you want...
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A summer afternoon at Bug Labs

Take a glmpse behind the curtain. Gaze upon Intern City. Check out our developers hard at work.  Study the hardware hackers of tomorrow. (Added Sept 3rd) Here you are mjuszkiewicz - the who is who.  The font is small so click to view it with a fuller screen.
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