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Classes in the Test Kitchen: Make your Arduino Tweet

Sign Up:  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/351294732Description:Want to make your own Tweet-a-Watt or Botanicall that posts data to a Twitter account for you to follow?  In this class, we'll play with the Arduino Ethernet Shield and look at how to connect to remote servers. We'll build a simple project that will take button press data and post it to a Twitter account from the Arduino device using HTTP.  We'll go over the basics of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and the HTTP...
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NY Tech Meetup Showcase

A group of us went to NY Tech Meetup Showcase yesterday at FIT. It was a showcase for 60 tech companies in New York City. We met great people, showed off what BUG can do, and got great feedback. Here are some of highlights: People get it when they see BUG. Xmas light never fails to attract crowd.  I met a very diverse group of people-- developers, engineers, marketing folks, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, students, and...
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Urban Farming Workshop @ Bug!

May 17th Bug Labs will be hosting a HTINK workshop, Urban Farming! Lee Mandell from Boswyck Farms (http://www.boswyckfarms.org/) will show us some general techniques, and assist in building water reservoirs and associated parts to make a garden at home! Come join us for a fun day, and take home the tools and knowledge to make stuff grow! Registration is 30 dollars, and does not include workshop materials. Purchase of workshop materials NOT required to participate.To...
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BUG Community update

We have released a number of new features in BUG Community!First, we migrated our forums to Beast based forums in Community Engine. As much as we appreciate the phpBB open source project, we certainly love Beast's integration with CE, ease-of-use, and simple UI. We did our best to retain previous messages and user data, but if you have any problem updating older posts, let us (webmaster [at] buglabs.net) know.Now that the forums is a part...
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Google Creative Sandbox

After work Thursday, some of us attended Google's Creative Sandbox '09 here in New York. The invite said it's a showcase for creative folks.. and something about free drinks. The event was very lively and full of festive spirit. There was a main presentation on SketchUp and its integration with Google Earth-- the presenter dropped a huge space shuttle over Wall Street. Some of other demos included YouTube Insight (statistic tool), Google TV (not for...
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Need testers for Usability Feedback!

 Hey Bug Community!! We are looking for people willing to do some usability testing for us on our new homepage design.  If you are in New York and are interestd in helping us out within the next two weeks, please email alicia@buglabs.net to arrange a time. The usability test will take approximitately 30-45 minutes, your face and voice will be recorded and we will ask you a series of questions to get your feedback about...
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