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The Amazing and Inspiring LinuxCon!

Bug sent me to LinuxCon in Portland last week. Having used Linux for only two years I found people most welcoming and willing to share their knowledge, but I guess I should have known that would be the case as open source communities <3 sharing info!I had the pleasure of meeting Linus Torvalds - the *real* Linus Torvalds, AND actually some of the fake Linus Torvalds - make sure to watch the video - that...
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Our latest member to the BUG community

I met Kevyn at LinuxCon in Portland. He's a software engineer in Montreal. He was really enthusiastic about working with BUG so we gave him one at the end of the conference.Kevyn had previously worked with Gumstix and other hardware projects. He showed me this LCD screen embedded in Legos. When I saw this project, I knew he'd be a great at developing his own stuff on BUG!
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Upcoming classes in the Test Kitchen

Sign Up for Bioelectricity Find out about electricity in your body!  This class will be a high level introduction to the world of bioelectricity, and devices that act on these principles with a particular focus on implantable cardiac devices like pacemakers and defibrillators.  Matthieu and Krystoff, engineers with Medtronic, will discuss how living organisms create and maintain electrical potentials through the use of transmembrane ion pumps. Sign Up for Clock WorksThis lecture will cover the very basics...
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A summer afternoon at Bug Labs

Take a glmpse behind the curtain. Gaze upon Intern City. Check out our developers hard at work.  Study the hardware hackers of tomorrow. (Added Sept 3rd) Here you are mjuszkiewicz - the who is who.  The font is small so click to view it with a fuller screen.
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Talking about BUG at Columbia

Ivy, a classmate from my Alma mater, is working here in New York at the Columbia Institute of Tele Information.  She discovered that I was also in NYC and had me stop by for a lunch discussion with some research assistants, professors, and interns to talk about community hardware, BUG, and the career path.  And I got to get out of the office and eat Italian food. Nice.The group was not familiar with BUG, so...
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When Internet leaves streaks in the real world: case study

Sometimes we have to break away from the fun and games of day to day operations at Bug and focus on practical, real world, nut-and-bolts activities.  Today was one such day as by team effort we created the world's first IRC fart machine.  Using parts from around the office cobbled together and attached to the venerable Motherbug, now anyone can connect to us via IRC and let us know how you feel.  First off Matt...
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Linux Install Fest

August 1st at 1pm-6pmPut Linux on your laptop! We will have a few distros of Linux to choose from. Be prepared by bringing your backed-up laptop. We will also have Ubuntu on a USB stick specially for your netbook. There will also be a demonstration of Poky Linux on a BUG from Bug Labs. Join us whether you're new to Open Source and want to see what Linux is all about or if you want...
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July classes in the Test Kitchen

7/22 Soft Circuits class: Sign up here. Learn soft circuits with conductive thread!  We'll be stiching up electrical designs in fabric.This class will be a beginner course, the core concepts of a circuit will be covered. No previous experience required.Materials will be provided.Just bring yourself and a desire to learn and create! A copy of Diana Eng's Fashion Geek will be given away curtesy of the author! (dianaeng.com) 7/26 Urban Farming is back by popular demand! ...
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BUG to N810 serial hack

On his blog, cmw just posted details (and pictures) of yet another awesome BUG-related hack. After building the first homebrew BUGmodule and following up by porting Quake to the BUG, cmw shows us his latest invention - a little level-shifting thingamajigeroo that interfaces two serial devices. In this case, a BUGbase and a Nokia N810. "Since most embedded hardware has a serial port (typically hidden in an obscure place) I decided to build a device...
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NY Java Meetup at Bug Labs

On Monday, we were lucky to have the NY Java Meetup hold their meeting at Bug Labs.  It as a big and great group.  We ate lots of pizza and Timothy Fagan gave a detailed review of JavaOne 2009. Here are some of the JavaOne 2009 slides we looked over: http://developers.sun.com/learning/javaoneonline/j1online.jsp?track=javase&yr=2009 We ate lots of pizza, tried a Java puzzlers from JavaOne and passed out some cool door prizes, including a copy of IntelliJ.  Alicia...
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