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From time to time we get questions asking about the differences between BUG and the Arduino. Having done my graduate research on the Arduino and new media art for the past two years, I thought I'd take a stab at answering the question.   Photos by JB LabruneWhile both platforms are open source and exceedingly useful there are some key functionality differences that set them apart. The first and core difference (no, literally) is that...
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It's all fun and games...

..until a bagel gets capped!  Be safe out there people!
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OpenMoko, Open Hardware, and Open Discussion

First let me say that we at Bug are big fans of OpenMoko.  Not only have we benefited from the work that has gone into the product, they have also been a role model for us in terms of how an open consumer electronics company should behave, specifically to developers and the FOSS community as a whole. The recent news that OM would be pausing development on their next generation phone, and the departure of...
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Mom's going Linux, like it or not.

Recently, due to breeding, it became necessary for me to begin sending large amounts of binary data on a regular basis to my relatives back in the Rocky Mountains.  This data typically gets rendered as pictures and videos, and is usually of the fresh young human recently generated from the breeding.  My mom needs a computer at home, mainly because her boss won't let her view the public PR page that dishes out all this...
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Qualcomm vs. Sierra

I've decided to use our community blog for some observations I come across during development here at BUG, so expect to see a lot of quick posts from me in the future. Anyway, this post was interesting.  http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/category/drivers/ I came across while looking around for some documentation for CnS on Sierra devices, and whether there was some groundwork done by the FOSS community.
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I just gave $36 to last.fm

I've been a member of last.fm for a while now, since before they offered a music-streaming service (I think), back when they were audioscrobbler.  They still offer scrobbling services, which track your listening habits and allow you to go social on it.  I've even got the Scrobbl iphone app.Anyway, I primarily use last.fm for their (IMHO) better-than-pandora stations.  They don't do commercials, they don't have a rate-limit for fast forwarding.  I listen to Rachmaninoff radio...
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