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libpd: Embedding Graphical Programming

Pure Data (also known as pd) is a graphical programming language. Programs are called "patches", and consist of lots of boxes connected to each other by lines. Here's a picture of a pd patch that counts from 0 to 100 over and over again.I was going to try to explain this whole patch, and talk about objects and messages and connections, but I realized I would be duplicating the efforts of others. If you want...
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Chat with a BUG

I little while back I stumbled across an article that talked about one man's work of building an extendable IRC bot with OSGi.A little more recently, I read about why GitHub encourages side projects, which includes a brief description of their chat bot.At BUG, we use IRC to keep in touch with our customers, but we also use it to keep in touch with each other. And we have a few IRC bots hanging out...
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BUG + art: Follow up from the Skirball Museum

Congratulations Karen!  Karen Senefru has put together a very cool piece, bringing technology and ancient form together.  She describes it as a Techno-kisi, which is a first of it's kind modern form of the ancient nkisi .  From what I have learned so far, nkisi generally refers to a type of reverred 'container' of spiritually charged elements.  Many include minerals, earth or relics from the grave of a powerful individual or relative. The nkisi draws...
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BUG + art: Nkisi

Karen Seneferu and Asual Kwahuumba are collaborating on a very cool multi-media installation that will address how art can create possibilities for a civil future. The installation will gauge how technology crosses numerous spaces and times. The show focuses on a demographically diverse cast of contemporary artists working in California to create an interactive, multi-media installation that envisions a future of peaceful, sustainable, and civil co-existence. For her peice, Karen is making an nkisi -...
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Two Hands Project comes to the Test Kitchen

Bilal, Jordan and crew of the Two Hands Project came to film in the Test Kitchen at Bug Labs.  They're making a hackumentary of hackerspaces. Flying all over from hackerspace to hackerspace using JetBlue's fly-all-u-can-for-$500-in-a-month. Little did JetBlue know, these guys would take it as a challenge to visit as many hackerspaces in one month and document the entire thing. Naturally, they stopped by Bug to check out our Test Kitchen. Bilal was increadible at...
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High School Intern Makes Robot

We were lucky enough to have Erik join us for a bit during his summer break.  Check out his bipedal robot with a BUGbase talking to a custom Serial Servo Controller.  Thanks for joining us Erik!
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User-friendly admin tool for BUG: BUGdash

We have an interesting new project released in BUGnet. BUGdash is a web-based admin tool for managing software and viewing settings on BUG. It allows users to manage apps and view information without having to download SDK or use terminal. It's very much like Control Panel or System Preferences, but tailored to BUG. We hope that it will make using BUG more enjoyable and fun.Here's a quick list of features: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/BUGdash#Features  Overview BUG apps Logs...
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Getting the files into Eclipse: steb

"The files are inside the computer.." is one of my favorite quotes from the movie Zoolander.  However, it's not that easy...there is a probelm.   I keep finding myself in the middle of some serious development effort and am coordinating between two or more different editor programs.  Usually it's vi and Eclipse.  Sometimes Mousepad comes along for the ride.  It works alright but causes me extra work, having to keep in mind the key bindings...
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BitBake Commander 0.6.5

Another bug fix and feature update for BitBake Commander is available.  Notable differences:BitBake variable evaluation now happens on a per-recipe bases rather than just the global configuration.  This means variables like $PN now contain valid values.A variable browser dialog is now available, making it easy to search for names and values quickly.  Screenshot is below.In addition this version includes an updated project creation wizard that will give the user more feedback if there are problems...
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