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SWTBot for Eclipse UI Testing

Unit testing is an important part of any development cycle.  It's especially useful when you're trying to track down a defect in unfamiliar code.  When I get a defect report from the QA team, it tells me that there's some buggy code, obviously, but it also shows me areas where I'm not getting enough test coverage.  Tracking down a defect by first writing a test case is an excellent way to kill a couple of...
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Java 7 (OpenJDK/IcedTea) for the BUG 2.0

For anyone interested in Java 7, I have built OpenJDK 7 (via IcedTea) for BUG 2.0 (Angstrom, armv7, Zero VM).  The binaries are available here.  The binaries are not provided as Angstrom opkgs, so the installation process is manual. This is because it was built natively on a BUG, rather than using the OpenEmbedded cross compiling build system.  You'll also need to install libcups2 via opkg if you want to replace the Java 6 JRE to run BUG...
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BitBake Commander 0.6.8 - Installers!

A new release of OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse is available that adds the ability to install a flavor of OpenEmbedded via a simple GUI wizard as shown below.  Currently available install profiles are OpenEmbedded dev branch, Poky Linux, and BUG-Poky.  Other OpenEmbedded distros can be easily added, as the wizard configures itself based on a bash script.  Other enhancements include:- UI cleanup - Existing project wizard is now an Import Project Wizard to follow my...
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Java VMs Compared III: Return of the Java VM Comparison

Five months has past since my first and second looks at Java VMs. At the time we were just releasing the version 1.3 of our Linux distrobution. This time around we are very close to the relase of version 1.4. During that time there have been new versions of all three VMs. Here at BUG, we have moved to a newer kernel (2.6.27) and have made considerable improvements to our initial forays into OE/Poky development....
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node.js for BUG 2.0

It was interesting to see the new Beagleboard "bone" project announcement today.  Particularly because of some software that ships with it; a browser-based development environment targeting the JavaScript language.  Given the popularity of the JavaScript language and a completely hosted environment, I can see how this is a great way to remove a lot of the annoying and error-prone steps to getting started with embedded development.  As a first step to see how this vision...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse 0.6.0

This is the first release of BitBake Commander that I think is truely useful to the embedded developer.  Check out the 16Mb ogg screencast  to get an overview of interesting workflow options that Eclipse and OTE provide.  0.6.0 supports:1. Hover-over inspections of BitBake variables, very handy for n00bs like me. 2. Shell integration for building packages. 3. "Import recipe as project" feature ~ bringing sources and patches into the Eclipse workspace.Some bugs have been fixed,...
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Learning to enjoy writing test cases

I'm not big on writing test cases. Before joining Bug Labs, I mainly did .NET dev for three years, and "building" a project was sufficient enough to move on to the next item. When I started doing Rails stuff, bballantine told me why I should be writing test cases and so did numerous bloggers/developers. Ok, I get it. But writing test cases was still only a bit less painful than pulling teeth for me."I could...
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Today we're happy to announce we are working with Robert Schuster and Sebastian Mancke of tarent and Jalimo on porting OpenJDK to the BUG.  We have watched excitedly in the past of progress being make in this effort from various developers, and wanted to get involved.  A few days back Robert reported his initial success with HotSpot and OpenJDK build from OpenEmbedded running on an OpenMoko phone.  This will have a big impact on BUG...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse

Alex and I have been working on some plugins to let us use our favorite IDE with our favorite embedded Linux distro builder.  We now have some basic functionality in place that will allow minimal support of OpenEmbedded within Eclipse.  The functionality can be summarized into three areas: 1. Using OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux toolchains from within an Eclipse C project.2. Running a cross-compiled binary in a Poky-built QEMU environment.3. Viewing, Editing, and creating BitBake...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse (OTE) 0.4.3 Live

After several weeks of eating my own dogfood, several critical bug fixes in the core file functionality of OTE have been addressed.  Reading through the BitBake python code is not that bad actually, and the source organization makes a lot of sense.  This release offers no new functionality, it just crashes less :)  Next stop: "Import Recipe as Project"  The updatesite is available at http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/ote/updatesite 
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