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Linux 2.6.27 Nearly There...

So, over the past few weeks I've been working on porting the linux kernel v over to the bug. The driving force behind this was the addition of some much need instrumentation and debugging tools to the Kernel tree. We'd also prefer not to fall too far behind the current kernel release. Up to now we have been debugging almost exclusively with printk's which, depending on your point of view, might seem either arcane...
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Using ServiceTrackerHelper rather than the AST

 While working on some tutorial material I pulled up the old SimpleGUI application.  It's pretty basic, but I've always been mildly troubled by the verbosity of the boiler plate code in the AbstractServiceTracker.  A while back I wrote some helper code that hides as much of that code as possible (for simple service tracking cases only) called ServiceTrackerHelper.  Here's the result:Using AbstractServiceTracker (Activator.java): public class Activator implements BundleActivator { private OneButtonAWTServiceTracker stc; private ServiceTracker st;...
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Goodbye nginx/mongrel_cluster, Hello Passenger!

So, it's no secret (or if it was, it's not any more) that we run Rails to provide the lion's share of our web content.  Until recently, we've been pretty much exclusively using nginx + a cluster of mongrels to do this.As a SysAdmin, I'm required by law to occasionally say, "That won't scale!" (even if it will).  However, as someone who really digs the Rails platform, and is constantly hearing all of the FUD...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse 0.4.0

A quick release that adds minimal console support.  Essentially a console (terminal) can be associated with each OE/Poky project in a workspace, and some simple bitbake integration allows one-click building of packages.  Note this is by using the BitBake environment, not CDT.  Updatesite: http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/ote/updatesite/
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Some of the evening crew had some champagne to celebrate the US election today.  According to predictions this election will have the largest voter turnout ever in US history!
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a new lil friend: buglabsbot

 hrw, the latest to join the bug developer team, has provided us with a precious little gift: buglabsbot.  Mainly, it can dance:   (04:09:26) kgilmer: buglabsbot: dance  (04:09:28) buglabsbot: 0-<  (04:09:30) buglabsbot: 0-/  (04:09:30) buglabsbot: 0-\ But it can also do things like alert us to build failures and such.  So exciting!  Come to #buglabs on freenode to see our wonderfull little friend!
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse

Alex and I have been working on some plugins to let us use our favorite IDE with our favorite embedded Linux distro builder.  We now have some basic functionality in place that will allow minimal support of OpenEmbedded within Eclipse.  The functionality can be summarized into three areas: 1. Using OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux toolchains from within an Eclipse C project.2. Running a cross-compiled binary in a Poky-built QEMU environment.3. Viewing, Editing, and creating BitBake...
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Getting ready for ├śREDEV

 Several months back I was asked by some folks if I'd like to talk about the BUG at ØREDEV, in Malmo, Sweden.  I'm pretty excited about it and am in fact throwing together a pretty interesting tutorial.  It's a great opportunity to get my head of the gears for a bit and see the BUG from a more general perspective: as a cohesive set of APIs and hardware.  It will be my first time at...
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