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Python and communication with Bug Modules.

After working with microprocessors and other low-level C programming, I found myself getting really tired of bothering to set up an elaborate cross-compilation development environment and a chip programmer and all of that jazz.  Being able to shell into the bug and fire up a python interpreter made me really happy since I use python so much in the desktop / server environment.  In those instances I often use python to klude together several applications...
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Using ServiceTrackerHelper rather than the AST

 While working on some tutorial material I pulled up the old SimpleGUI application.  It's pretty basic, but I've always been mildly troubled by the verbosity of the boiler plate code in the AbstractServiceTracker.  A while back I wrote some helper code that hides as much of that code as possible (for simple service tracking cases only) called ServiceTrackerHelper.  Here's the result:Using AbstractServiceTracker (Activator.java): public class Activator implements BundleActivator { private OneButtonAWTServiceTracker stc; private ServiceTracker st;...
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Svenska from Malmö

I am in Sweden at OREDEV, a software development conference.  I was invited here to talk about BUG and am very happy to attend.  Yesterday I presented a three hour tutorial on BUG, and we developed a few apps, inluding XmasTree  and Puck.  Overall things went pretty well, but we did have some troubles with IP over USB on Windows and Mac machines.  We're working on the issue and hope to have better solutions shortly. ...
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Does Creating a New BUG App == Writing New Software?

Last night, before the Bug Labs annual holiday party, I downloaded and installed Ken Gilmer's XmasTree2 app onto my BUG, making it flash with shiny holiday goodness.I also installed finsprings' Camera app.  (btw: Thanks to fin and jconnolly for helping me get the app to run properly on my BUG!)Ken's peanut butter plus fin's chocolate combined to create a camera that is covered in attention-grabbing (dare I say, hypnotizing?) multi-colored flashing lights, so that every...
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MotherBUG: Bigger, Badder, Unplugged

MotherBUG, our in-house publicly accessible physical BUG, is back online after a few release cycles and our big office relocation.  She's running MotherBUGTweetNTwitch again, as before.  This morning she caught bballantine and mcholerton getting in early.  The cool difference is that instead of using a daughter card to access our network, she's using a pre-production revision of our upcoming and long awaited wifi module.  There is still some work to be done getting userspace tools...
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Back in FFFFFreezing NYC

Scale was great, a nice little warm break from the freezing winds in NYC.  Our session went pretty well, Matt and I talked about the BUG to a fairly packed room of interested folks [Video Part 1]  [Video Part 2] [slides].  When polling them, about half had done some embedded development, half had done some Java development, and 1/3 were familiar with OpenEmbedded.  I was encourged by these numbers.  We went over the BUG hardware,...
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The value of community and openness: An Example

We at Bug have always believed in the power of open source communities and projects.  We believe in the power of free access to information, which thus gives the do-ers of the world the ability to take control.  These concepts are frequently discussed in our main blog: bugblogger.com.  We have talked about BUG the concept and Bug the company as radically open.  While our belief in the power of open is strong, it's sometimes hard...
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Making of BUG Community

As you can see, our new BUG Community is up and running. In addition to our main BUGnet site, the community portal is a place for our users and developers to share ideas and experiment. You're most welcome to write about any coding project you've been itching to talk about (once we open the door to every BUGnet user). After receiving a set of key requirements from Peter and Ken, we did a fair bit...
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SDK Tip: Saving your ConfigAdmin state between sessions.

In the 2.1 SDK we have switched to use the Felix implementation of the ConfigurationAdmin service specification.  By default, each time BUG simulator launches, a clean configuration is created.  This can be a pain when you rely on specific settings.  By changing the system property fexlix.cm.dir in the BUG Simulator launch configuration, you can prevent the configuration from being cleared.  See the screenshot for more details.
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What I Learned At CES

Last week a few of us got shipped off to Vegas to talk about BUG at CES.  It was a pretty intense time.  I'm a fan of challenges, and most of the challenges I face as a software engineer are familiar.  I like to think about class hierarchies and software architecture, ui design, and code maintainability.  The challenge of CES was altogether different.At CES we would typically meet around 7:00am in our hotel, grab a...
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