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Another round of FOSS Java Benchmarks

Kevin Shultz is back in the office and had some time to put together a refresh of his always interesting and sometimes contraversial take on FOSS JVM performance.  Interesting gains have been made by both JamVM and CACAO.  All of these JVMs were built from our Poky/OE build system with recipes that are currently available in the OE dev branch from the Jalimo project.  In other news we are just finishing up exposing our build...
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Jigsaw coming to a phone near you?

Here at the M3DD conference in San Jose, I was suprised to learn that Project Jigsaw, or the latest Java modularity effort, was mentioned in a presentation by Florian Tournier regarding PhoneME's 2009 road map.  There was no definitive time line or even a real discussion of requirements, but it has been identified as an important feature that may migrate to the mobile space from SE.  And when talking with other conference attendees it's become...
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Bug Labs Codeswarm: 3+ years of code

This is a code_swarm generated video of Bug Labs svn/cvs activity over the last 3+ years... the giant explosions are large commits, usually the linux kernel source initial imports.  We'll likely see another giant explosion when Izzy brings in 2.6.30.  I should have overlayed the video with Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" or Discovery's "Curby", or some other Bug Labs office staple, but we don't own the rights.  ;D Enjoy! 
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Late night BlueZ...

Saying that the development of the Bug WiFi module has been a serious undertaking is a perhaps an understatement. Current and potential Bug users have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a technology that is taken for granted in the world of closed source hardware and NDA restricted device drivers. Its easy to scoff at and criticise the absence of wifi on the Bug, and from a distant perspective I could agree that the absence...
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TruV + Invent Your World

UPDATE: http://genvcampaigns.org/2009/01/07/idea-personal-visual-enhancement-system/I have entered into the Invent Your World competition/event found here: http://www.inventyourworld.org/ This is an effort started by Youth Ventures; basically fifty "ventures" will be chosen to be sponsored. Each venture will receive $1,000 dollars from YV to start off their project(s). I received an e-mail last night telling me that “we are very interested in learning more about your entries.” I’m being asked to provide further information. Good news, with this money I hope to...
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Peter and I got back from FOSDEM a few days ago...wow what a weekend!  I gave a talk in the embedded devroom [slides] about BUG and OTE and then an hour later gave a lightning talk [slides].  Attendence was great and I got a lot of good questions.  We ended up giving out a total of 10 BUGs to conference attendees.  Two were reserved for a contest announced in the embedded dev room for people...
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Editors, State, and steb 0.2.0

 It seems that some Eclipse editors just don't like being instantiated out of the blue.  Some editors store global state and other things in a project and expect to get access to that project.  So then steb goes to load an editor and ... fizzle, the editor has some kind of error.  To get around this problem I added the ability to override various editors installed in your Eclipse instance.  Checked editors will not be...
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The very first thing I noticed when I started to "play" with the bug  was that swing library was missing. After a couple of month I just accepted  AWT is the best I could do.  But a few weeks ago started  to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to LWUITMB. LWUTMB is a port of LWUIT on top the MicroBackend Library. With some modification I was able to import LWUITMB into...
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Returned from OEDEM

I had an opportunity to join folks at OEDEM in Cambridge UK last weekend.  It was two days full of technical discussion about the future of OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux.  It was great of Phil Blundell and Reciva to host the event and take care of everyone.   I came away with a really good feeling about the folks involved and the ability for the community to move forward constructively.  I met several people that...
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Pulling my Funtoo portage tree from 10,000 ft.

 Matt and I are in the air on our way to LAX for SCaLE.  Turns out Virgin America as the internet in the air.  Had to give it a try, and found the latency and bandwitdth pretty amazing.  Here is me syncing my portage tree somewhere over Indiana.  A first?
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