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BUG+IDEO - getting the community around the BUG UI

Over at BUGblogger, we just posted some details about our venture with IDEO, the super amazing international design and innovation firm which has worked with organizations such as Lucent, BBC, 3M, Nike, TiVo and many, many more. For the next two weeks, IDEO will be partnering with Bug Labs and the BUGcommunity to generate some ideas on how to improve the BUGbase user interface, aka the front panel comprising LCD, joystick and four hotkeys.This is...
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What I Learned At CES

Last week a few of us got shipped off to Vegas to talk about BUG at CES.  It was a pretty intense time.  I'm a fan of challenges, and most of the challenges I face as a software engineer are familiar.  I like to think about class hierarchies and software architecture, ui design, and code maintainability.  The challenge of CES was altogether different.At CES we would typically meet around 7:00am in our hotel, grab a...
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What does a SIP phone look like on BUG?  At the moment, physically mine looks like a BUG with a VonHippel module and USB headset.  Logically, it looks like a BUG running some sort of SIP client software (such as pjsua), and VoIP server software, like Digium's Asterisk.Thanks to cmw's work on getting the pjsua non-GUI SIP client software compiled and working properly on BUG, I'm now able to use the BUG as a phone...
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crowd sourcing hardware ideas design?

 I've been playing with the BUGbase and module 3D files and converted them into a bunch of very comonly used formats (rhino, IGES, STEP, OBJ) and also created a hypershot file to allow anyone to play with the color. Would it be possible to allow people to iterate on the hardware themselves, crowd source ideas and developments for the future? Even host polls on colors for future products?I'll also post these file on some common...
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Relicensing with Eclipse

Several times in the past I've looked for some kind of Eclipse plugin that would let me add and change Copyright and License headers of my source files.  The problem was that the typical search terms are so general ("eclipse copyright plugin", etc) that I was never unable to find much.   But not today!  Today my search terms bore fruit.  Happily the Eclipse Release Engineering team, generous souls that they are, wrote this very plugin! ...
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TruV + Invent Your World

UPDATE: http://genvcampaigns.org/2009/01/07/idea-personal-visual-enhancement-system/I have entered into the Invent Your World competition/event found here: http://www.inventyourworld.org/ This is an effort started by Youth Ventures; basically fifty "ventures" will be chosen to be sponsored. Each venture will receive $1,000 dollars from YV to start off their project(s). I received an e-mail last night telling me that “we are very interested in learning more about your entries.” I’m being asked to provide further information. Good news, with this money I hope to...
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OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse (OTE) 0.4.3 Live

After several weeks of eating my own dogfood, several critical bug fixes in the core file functionality of OTE have been addressed.  Reading through the BitBake python code is not that bad actually, and the source organization makes a lot of sense.  This release offers no new functionality, it just crashes less :)  Next stop: "Import Recipe as Project"  The updatesite is available at http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/ote/updatesite 
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Today we're happy to announce we are working with Robert Schuster and Sebastian Mancke of tarent and Jalimo on porting OpenJDK to the BUG.  We have watched excitedly in the past of progress being make in this effort from various developers, and wanted to get involved.  A few days back Robert reported his initial success with HotSpot and OpenJDK build from OpenEmbedded running on an OpenMoko phone.  This will have a big impact on BUG...
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TruV found a bug!

TruV, an organization ran by Cody Smith is attempting to use twenty-first century technology to aid those who are visually impaired to those that are completely blind. We are excited to announce that BUG Labs has taken interest in our project and will be providing us with our very own BUG to prototype a device that could drastically change the lives of over forty million people across the world. The device and its functions are...
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building a BUG App against the API in svn trunk

Us BUG developers have been working up a storm recently to bring out a new release of BUG software (R1.4, as yet unreleased).  This includes new additions to the API for new modules, and the occasional refactoring of APIs for existing modules.  Some of the changes are really cool and I want to begin writing BUG apps against the new APIs immediately.  While the SDK release schedule is fairly frequent, sometimes I prefer not to...
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