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Editors, State, and steb 0.2.0

 It seems that some Eclipse editors just don't like being instantiated out of the blue.  Some editors store global state and other things in a project and expect to get access to that project.  So then steb goes to load an editor and ... fizzle, the editor has some kind of error.  To get around this problem I added the ability to override various editors installed in your Eclipse instance.  Checked editors will not be...
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Version 1.3 of Dragonfly, the BUG SDK: Best Release Ever

We released the latest version of the BUG SDK today.  This has a number of improvements over the last version, and it's our best version ever.  I highly recommend upgrading to this version as there are a number of improvements in stability and functionality. To upgrade, I suggest starting with a fresh install of Eclipse 3.4.2, which can be found on the Eclipse Downloads Page .  Then follow the directions on our SDK Install Guide...
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BitBake Commander 0.6.8 - Installers!

A new release of OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse is available that adds the ability to install a flavor of OpenEmbedded via a simple GUI wizard as shown below.  Currently available install profiles are OpenEmbedded dev branch, Poky Linux, and BUG-Poky.  Other OpenEmbedded distros can be easily added, as the wizard configures itself based on a bash script.  Other enhancements include:- UI cleanup - Existing project wizard is now an Import Project Wizard to follow my...
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The very first thing I noticed when I started to "play" with the bug  was that swing library was missing. After a couple of month I just accepted  AWT is the best I could do.  But a few weeks ago started  to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to LWUITMB. LWUTMB is a port of LWUIT on top the MicroBackend Library. With some modification I was able to import LWUITMB into...
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Learning to enjoy writing test cases

I'm not big on writing test cases. Before joining Bug Labs, I mainly did .NET dev for three years, and "building" a project was sufficient enough to move on to the next item. When I started doing Rails stuff, bballantine told me why I should be writing test cases and so did numerous bloggers/developers. Ok, I get it. But writing test cases was still only a bit less painful than pulling teeth for me."I could...
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Beagleboard Touch Ups

In a non-bug related news...Last week we got some beagleboards in here to play around with. After been knee deep in u-boot work for quite some time, I noticed two pretty serious (for me at least) short-commings on the beagle's u-boot environment.1) No command history...2) When booting from the mmc/sd card, the Kernel can only boot off fat partitions...Fortunately the first issue is just a configuration file fix. The second issue was also easy to...
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Some Javadocs

People.  Sheesh.  You'd think the source code would be enough, but no, they want documentation.  Ha!For R1.4 the Javadocs are now available for the BUG Java/OSGi code and for pMEA.  If there is some code not contained here that you'd like to get the javadocs for let me know and I'll post them. 
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BUG Release 1.4 and SDK are now live!

Ken Gilmer asked me come out of rebloggerment to post this message. I gave up blogging in in the mid 80's. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that I invented Blogging?Seriously though.. I'm proud to announce that we have released BUG Release 1.4 and SDK for public consumption. Please note that BUG hardware running R1.4 must use SDK version kernel and rootfs downloads: http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/R1.4 release notes: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/R1.4_Release_notesSDK download: http://buglabs.net/sdkSDK Release notes:...
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Back in FFFFFreezing NYC

Scale was great, a nice little warm break from the freezing winds in NYC.  Our session went pretty well, Matt and I talked about the BUG to a fairly packed room of interested folks [Video Part 1]  [Video Part 2] [slides].  When polling them, about half had done some embedded development, half had done some Java development, and 1/3 were familiar with OpenEmbedded.  I was encourged by these numbers.  We went over the BUG hardware,...
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Pulling my Funtoo portage tree from 10,000 ft.

 Matt and I are in the air on our way to LAX for SCaLE.  Turns out Virgin America as the internet in the air.  Had to give it a try, and found the latency and bandwitdth pretty amazing.  Here is me syncing my portage tree somewhere over Indiana.  A first?
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