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BUG+IDEO - getting the community around the BUG UI

Over at BUGblogger, we just posted some details about our venture with IDEO, the super amazing international design and innovation firm which has worked with organizations such as Lucent, BBC, 3M, Nike, TiVo and many, many more. For the next two weeks, IDEO will be partnering with Bug Labs and the BUGcommunity to generate some ideas on how to improve the BUGbase user interface, aka the front panel comprising LCD, joystick and four hotkeys.This is...
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Sew an Awesome Web App for BUG

BUG ships with the PhoneME Advanced Personal Profile JVM and an OSGi implementation called Concierge.  The stack is very lightweight, designed to run well on embedded devices.  This lightweight software stack has it's obvious advantages, but it can be limiting when trying to write apps geared more toward desktop or server environments.One of Concierge's facilities is a very bare-bones HttpServlet implementation.  It makes writing simple web applications and services possible, but not necessarily easy.  Meanwhile,...
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Ångström on BUG

Thanks to Marcin's tireless efforts the Ångström distribution is now running on BUG: .-------. | | .-. | | |-----.-----.-----.| | .----..-----.-----. | | | __ | ---'| '--.| .-'| | | | | | | | |--- || --'| | | ' | | | | '---'---'--'--'--. |-----''----''--' '-----'-'-'-' -' | '---' The Angstrom Distribution bug ttymxc4 Angstrom 2009.X-stable bug ttymxc4This is important because it allows us to merge the Java and Web Service...
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BUG Software R2.0.2 available for consumption

W00t!  Another release....! Release R2.0.2 is available for download.  This is a maintenance release intended for general customer use with BUGbase YT (2.0) hardware.  The build artifacts can be found at: http://dauber/buildbot/repo/full/12986/  (internal) and http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/files/2.0/Releases/R2.0.2/ For instructions on how to upgrade, please see:  http://wiki.buglabs.net/index.php/Software:Update_Your_BUG_Memory_Card An SDK release is targeted for compatibility with this release.  Stay tuned for a post regarding the SDK. There is no longer a roadmap associated with this release, as redmine is volatile at the moment...
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BUG Release 1.4 and SDK are now live!

Ken Gilmer asked me come out of rebloggerment to post this message. I gave up blogging in in the mid 80's. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that I invented Blogging?Seriously though.. I'm proud to announce that we have released BUG Release 1.4 and SDK for public consumption. Please note that BUG hardware running R1.4 must use SDK version kernel and rootfs downloads: http://bugcommunity.com/downloads/R1.4 release notes: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/R1.4_Release_notesSDK download: http://buglabs.net/sdkSDK Release notes:...
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Pardon our appearance.

Things may get a little ugly from time to time over at buglabs.net/applications and at repo.buglabs.net. We're rolling out some fun things for BUG 2.0 and we may experience the occasional hiccup.  If you notice something gone from the repo our an application that dropped off the face, drop me an email at john [at] buglabs [dot] net and I'll make it come back.Image CC courtesy of Chris Corwin's photostream.
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Version 1.3 of Dragonfly, the BUG SDK: Best Release Ever

We released the latest version of the BUG SDK today.  This has a number of improvements over the last version, and it's our best version ever.  I highly recommend upgrading to this version as there are a number of improvements in stability and functionality. To upgrade, I suggest starting with a fresh install of Eclipse 3.4.2, which can be found on the Eclipse Downloads Page .  Then follow the directions on our SDK Install Guide...
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Relicensing with Eclipse

Several times in the past I've looked for some kind of Eclipse plugin that would let me add and change Copyright and License headers of my source files.  The problem was that the typical search terms are so general ("eclipse copyright plugin", etc) that I was never unable to find much.   But not today!  Today my search terms bore fruit.  Happily the Eclipse Release Engineering team, generous souls that they are, wrote this very plugin! ...
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BUG Software Release 1.4.1 Now Available

We didn't want to take all the steam and thunder away from Apple today but we couldn't keep this release back any longer.  The next version of the BUG Linux operating system and associated applications is ready for download and install on you BUG.  This release contains many fixes and enhancements, some of which are so fresh we can barely even talk about them.  As always, we highly highly recommend using the latest BUG release...
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OSGi service binding II: muddy waters

In the first post regarding binding to OSGI services on BUG, we covered the simplest (and most common) case: binding to a set of services and running an application when all services are available.  Now we will look at a less common but nonetheless important scenario: binding to multiple instances of the same service.  The code shown in this tutorial can also be modified to apply to many cases where programmatic control of service binding...
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