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Now that R1.4.3 is out the door and 2009 is behind us, we're spending some time to go back and document more of our APIs, tools, and modules.   Documentation can really be an overwhelming task, especially for something as expansive as BUG.  There's the Java APIs, the OSGi stuff, some JNI, device drivers, and something called 'Linux'.  Don't even mention the build system or our tools.  If we decided to document everything, we'd be at...
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SDK build 1.5.2 now available

Last night we released a new version of the Dragonfly SDK. Here are the details:Download and update site URL can be found here.Release notes and install guide can be found here.Happy Holidays to everyone!
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Returned from OEDEM

I had an opportunity to join folks at OEDEM in Cambridge UK last weekend.  It was two days full of technical discussion about the future of OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux.  It was great of Phil Blundell and Reciva to host the event and take care of everyone.   I came away with a really good feeling about the folks involved and the ability for the community to move forward constructively.  I met several people that...
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Fun with Java, our repo, java-gnome, and dbus-java.

I posted a few weeks ago about how our extras repository is now online.  Since then I've had some downtime to add packages to our repository at the request of other BUG developers and some of our community.  I was tinkering with openjdk-6-cacao (which is not yet available in our repo, unfortunately) and some cool, modern java libraries.dbus-java example:Java-gnome examples:java-gnome again: Look at those sweet native widgets right in your java app!  Can't wait to say...
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SDK build 1.4.1 now available

Just a quick note that we've release a new version of the SDK today. This is a minor release of fixes and an nice upgrade of Concierge/CTE. Download: http://buglabs.net/downloadsUpdate site url: http://buglabs.net/sdk/production/current/updatesite/Release notes: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/Dragonfly_SDK_Release_Notes#1.4_Releases
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Bug Labs Codeswarm: 3+ years of code

This is a code_swarm generated video of Bug Labs svn/cvs activity over the last 3+ years... the giant explosions are large commits, usually the linux kernel source initial imports.  We'll likely see another giant explosion when Izzy brings in 2.6.30.  I should have overlayed the video with Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" or Discovery's "Curby", or some other Bug Labs office staple, but we don't own the rights.  ;D Enjoy! 
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SWT on the BUG

All BUG applications today use Java's original GUI library, the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). It runs really efficiently, but has limited featured compared to the modern widely used libraires. The primary alternatives are Swing, SWT, LWUIT and Java-GNOME. Swing and SWT are the most popular Java GUI toolkits today, and LWUIT and Java-GNOME are interesting but not as popular. Every Java devloper has a favorite in the Swing vs SWT debate, but for the BUG...
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Python and communication with Bug Modules.

After working with microprocessors and other low-level C programming, I found myself getting really tired of bothering to set up an elaborate cross-compilation development environment and a chip programmer and all of that jazz.  Being able to shell into the bug and fire up a python interpreter made me really happy since I use python so much in the desktop / server environment.  In those instances I often use python to klude together several applications...
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Sew an Awesome Web App for BUG

BUG ships with the PhoneME Advanced Personal Profile JVM and an OSGi implementation called Concierge.  The stack is very lightweight, designed to run well on embedded devices.  This lightweight software stack has it's obvious advantages, but it can be limiting when trying to write apps geared more toward desktop or server environments.One of Concierge's facilities is a very bare-bones HttpServlet implementation.  It makes writing simple web applications and services possible, but not necessarily easy.  Meanwhile,...
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BUG Software Release 1.4.1 Now Available

We didn't want to take all the steam and thunder away from Apple today but we couldn't keep this release back any longer.  The next version of the BUG Linux operating system and associated applications is ready for download and install on you BUG.  This release contains many fixes and enhancements, some of which are so fresh we can barely even talk about them.  As always, we highly highly recommend using the latest BUG release...
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