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Fun with Java, our repo, java-gnome, and dbus-java.

I posted a few weeks ago about how our extras repository is now online.  Since then I've had some downtime to add packages to our repository at the request of other BUG developers and some of our community.  I was tinkering with openjdk-6-cacao (which is not yet available in our repo, unfortunately) and some cool, modern java libraries.dbus-java example:Java-gnome examples:java-gnome again: Look at those sweet native widgets right in your java app!  Can't wait to say...
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SWT on the BUG

All BUG applications today use Java's original GUI library, the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). It runs really efficiently, but has limited featured compared to the modern widely used libraires. The primary alternatives are Swing, SWT, LWUIT and Java-GNOME. Swing and SWT are the most popular Java GUI toolkits today, and LWUIT and Java-GNOME are interesting but not as popular. Every Java devloper has a favorite in the Swing vs SWT debate, but for the BUG...
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Goodbye nginx/mongrel_cluster, Hello Passenger!

So, it's no secret (or if it was, it's not any more) that we run Rails to provide the lion's share of our web content.  Until recently, we've been pretty much exclusively using nginx + a cluster of mongrels to do this.As a SysAdmin, I'm required by law to occasionally say, "That won't scale!" (even if it will).  However, as someone who really digs the Rails platform, and is constantly hearing all of the FUD...
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BitBake Commander in Action

I have been holding off on doing any OE/Poky work until I was able to use OTE to do it.  Well, I was finally able to use the recipe editor and the console integration to upgrade our OSGi bundles from our old CVS repository to SVN.  And I'm playing around with swfdec from the OE dev branch.  While there are many rough edges it is working well!  I was able to check in recipes, search...
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BUGbase UI Concepts - Ready For Your Feedback

IDEO has put together 5 BUGbase UI concepts and posted them on the BUG+IDEO blog.  This is a great chance for anyone who's interested, especially those of you who own a BUG, to get involved.  So head over there and read about the UI concepts.  Post your detailed feedback or just tell 'em which one you like the best.
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Really, Apache Vysper, Really?!!?

I get to dip my toes into the middleware pool again.  Fun fun fun!  Apache Mina looks like an interesting and lightweight server platform.  Also XMPP seems cool, even though XML is SO 2005.  May as well call it CSV at this point.  But only after 14 or so nested directories I get to some client code that tests Vyspers's PubSub support.  Really, is all this nesting necessary?  Is there some bonus pool in the...
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New software for an old BUG

While the BUG 2.0 hardware platform is the shiney new toy everyone wants/NEEEDS, what can we say about our trusty BUG 1.x devices sitting around?  I think they are in need of some love, and as a community effort, have released some alpha-level builds of BUG 2.0 software for BUG 1.x hardware.  The project is called leafcutter, and the idea is that your BUG 1.3 device should be able to run all the BUGapps that...
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What does a SIP phone look like on BUG?  At the moment, physically mine looks like a BUG with a VonHippel module and USB headset.  Logically, it looks like a BUG running some sort of SIP client software (such as pjsua), and VoIP server software, like Digium's Asterisk.Thanks to cmw's work on getting the pjsua non-GUI SIP client software compiled and working properly on BUG, I'm now able to use the BUG as a phone...
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OpenJDK on BUG 1.3 Devices *Update: now with shark*

For awhile now, behind the scenes we've been working on getting a high-quality build of OpenJDK ready for our new BUG 2.0 device.  This VM offers great performance and up-to-date features on parity with what's available on the desktop.  Currently, this package is available for Angstrom distros.  The BUG 1.3 device uses Poky, another variant of OpenEmbedded.  I've adapted the recipes to build the OpenJDK (without Shark) such that it's compatible with BUG 1.3.  There...
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Friday afternoon remote debugging, remotely.

I had the opportunity to work on a nasty little defect from home this afternoon.  Some background: Originally we used the AvetanaBT implementation for java-level API hooks into bluez for bluetooth programming. It has served our needs well, and was built on top of phoneME /JavaME's javax.microedition.io libraries.   We're moving to openjdk-6 No javax.microedition.io in a J2SE compatible jvm/classpath environment Need to abandon avetanaBT or re-implement javax.microedition.io.* on our own (ick) I investigated a (more...
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