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Email Alicia at alicia[at]buglabs.net to stop by our Test Kitchen! We’re open Monday through Friday 12pm-7pm EST.

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Pirates Invade the Test Kitchen!

And built boats!We had lots of laughs and were happy to share our space with Make: NYC!  They were an enthusiastic group who drew on imaginative ideas to come up with a pleathora of designs for boat innovation.  The fastest boat went 1 gutter length per 4.06 seconds!  Check out the video to see the sweet hydrodynamics:  Check out the Make:NYC blog
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HTINK workshops 3/14

HTINK has an event coming up @ Bug Labs Test Kitchen! Quick n' dirty info here: http://htink.eventbrite.com Explanation of info here:  This is a combination of 3 workshops, being offered over 5 hours. Anyone can come buy and build a freeduino kit while the other workshops are occuring, and the entire time people will be available to help get your arduino environment set up and your freeduino blinking an LED! You do not need ANY...
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R1.4 Special Thanks

Now that R1.4 has finally left the roost, I'd like to thank two community contributers that really helped this release shine; Guillaume Legris and Chris Wade.Guillaume's work in MidPath is used in the BUG Audio module to provide player functionality in Java and OSGi applications.  Some work was required to adapt the library to our hardware and PhoneME.  Overall we are happy with the MidPath sound API and are glad that such a project exists! ...
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Recently in the Test Kitchen...

Thanks to all who came to the Soft Circuits class and Urban Farming classes!
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What are you going to do in the Test Kitchen?

The Bug Labs staff has been having fun in the test kitchen.  We've learned to solder, fix some BUG boards, and alter the plastics.  Now it's your turn!  Bring your project to the Test Kitchen and set up shop for the day.  The Test Kitchen has open hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from noon-6.  Email alicia(at)buglabs.net to set up a time!  We welcome any projects and all kinds of collaboration.  Hope to see...
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