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MotherBUG+Von Hippel+Arduino Mini+Servo Motor

Put them together and what do you get?  A web-controllable office cam.  Try it out for yourself (updated 12/12/2008, 7:32PM):go to http://motherbug1.buglabs.net/Servo and the UI is pretty straight forwardSee?  This was a great collaborative and creative effort on the part of myself, misaacs, and bballantine.  How it works is that there is a BUG App containing a Java Servlet that handles the request at http://motherbug1..../Servo.  The parameter to the servlet is rounded to an integer...
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Cheap Ambient Audio: Round 1

My first TK project, a wall-wart sized device that plugs into a wall and plays audio from a sd/mmc card to a mono speaker, completely self contained.  No track selections, no LCD, not even a power switch.  Volume is about all I want.  I want to make several of these little babies and spread them through-out the office and my apartment with sounds from the beach.  So soothing. So I found some super cheap MP3...
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Open House + Test Kitchen Ideas

Ideas were created in the Test Kitchen during the most recent Open House.  Below you'll see an application idea for a game, a retaliation technique, and a networked closet.   Check back to see further progression!    
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Snails in the Kitchen?

If you google for "snails in the kitchen", you'll probably find some recipes for various dishes I'm not likely to eat.  That and tips on how to keep slugs out of your cupboards.At Bug Labs, we don't necessarily think that snails in the kitchen are such a bad thing... depending on the context, of course.Let me clarify:  We recently had a little fun and killed a few minutes building a line tracing robotic snail in...
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What are you going to do in the Test Kitchen?

The Bug Labs staff has been having fun in the test kitchen.  We've learned to solder, fix some BUG boards, and alter the plastics.  Now it's your turn!  Bring your project to t