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N-Body Simulations: Fun Fun Fun!

Several months back and M3DD, in an after hours session in a rather empty and dark cafateria on Sun's San Jose campus, I saw a demo of Kepler's Orrery on a laptop by the developer, Simran Gleason.  I was immediatelly intriguged and, when discovering it was available on the iPhone, picked it up.  Physics simulations in general have always interested me and the way that music was incorporated into the simulation was really stunning. Simran's...
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TruV wins $1000 seed grant!

 Last week I received confirmation that TruV was selected by Youth Venture to receive a $1,000 USD seed grant to fulfill our venture. TruV is also now competing for a twenty-thousand dollar scholarship. This money will go towards buying the other components of the TruV, Mark 1 prototype. After we have our prototype and "proof of concept" operational we will go after corporate funding from other various companies, we will also start preparations for mass...
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BugMail (Installing Postfix in your Bug)

Overview  With so many free mail services out there why would you like to have your own. Well, I can think in a few reasons: probably you want to create a portable e-mail both, or simply you want to play around with your bug. Another good reason would be that phoneME doesn't support https which it's need it if you want to use any free mail service (yahoo, gmail, etc), and having postfix is a...
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BUG boots up

Ever wonder what your BUG is doing while it boots, as the bug logo goes around and around?Here's a screencast of BUG booting in minicom. You can see this too if you've hacked a serial connection on your BUG.
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Speeding up SSH connections to your BUG

When SSHing to your BUG, you may notice a second or two delay before you get a prompt, even if you're just connecting over the USB ethernet connection from your computer.This typically happens because the SSH daemon (dropbear) on the BUG is trying to do a DNS lookup on your IP address. If it can't find a DNS entry, or can't get to a DNS server, it can take a few seconds before it will...
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CommunityOne In NYC

Sun sponsered a (mostly) free conference in NYC on Wednesday called CommunityOne (a very Java-esque name).  A few of the Bug team went, and kgilmer spoke about the BUG.  We learned about clouds (huh?), social networking for enterprise (what?), C/C++ optimization via Sun Studio (come again?), and jRuby (aha!).  It was a good atmosphere and I thought the talks were educational, even if they tended to push Sun's products a bit.  It was free, anyway,...
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Researching BUGs

I just wanted to contribute to Bradley's previous posts with some discussion of the research that went into the product development process for the BUG.Research at ECCO Design is driven by the user with the goal of providing actionable insights to our designers that can help them make a better product. Bug Labs posed a unique challenge for us at ECCO’ research team: how can you research a product that can be any other product?...
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Using Public Key Authentication with your BUG

The BUG uses dropbear at its SSH daemon. You can create a .ssh directory under the home directory of the root account and place an authorized_keys file in there, just like you could on most servers that support SSH. See a previous posting by me for more details.Not specifying a passphrase when setting up your keys is super convenient, but it does mean anyone with access to the computer that has your private key can...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone's looking forward to a break from the daily grind to spend time with family and friends.  And to eat wonderful food.  I love long day to work on personal projects and the like.  Here's a list the things I'm considering doing (though I will probably just eat and sleep):* Use JGame to make a cool game for BUG* Install Dosbox on my laptop and play Robot Odyssey.* Play COD* Make pumpkin or...
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