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Eclipse Strife (bonus: We are the trollz!)

I was just catching up on some Eclipse Planet reading while waiting for a build, and came across a fun little dialog between Mike Milinkovich and Bjorn Freeman-Benson.  Essentially there is some discussion is to how the Eclipse Foundation balances the needs of its for-profit members and its open source communities.  This has been a long time souce of confusion for me, as once upon a time I did some small work on ECF.  The...
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How to get your BUG out of a Java Crash

If your BUG locks up in a way that the base LCD is unresponsive or the base icons are missing when you plug in your module, you're probably experiencing a Java crash. Follow the steps on this screencast to get it up and running again.(If you've hacked a serial connection, you'll see either a Signal 11 or Signal 4 process suspended).If you have version 1.4.3 rootfs or later, the commands will be as follows:root@BUG ~...
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Web dev series part one: PublicWSProvider2

Web people these days are spoiled with awesome frameworks and libraries. I personally love RoR and came to embrace jQuery library.Most of you probably know that BUG comes with a web server and module data is served via web services. Very web friendly. They let you share data and create mash-ups quickly.You have a number of options to create custom web services on BUG, and I hope to introduce you to these methods in this...
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my love of apt.

BUG comes with an avahi-daemon installed.  We used to use a jslp-based implementation to have the SDK auto-detect the presence of a BUG on the same LAN (and even for the virtual-BUG itself).  We've since changed to using the more widely supported avahi/mDNS/zeroconf implementation.  SDK-side, it's based on JmDNS, BUG-side it's plain old avahi, with a special service definition.Anyway, what I like about having avahi-daemon and some stock service definitions on BUG is that in...
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How to get BUG working with multiple systems

Most people working with BUG device use R1.4 as their operating system. But I am not one of them.Why? I am working on system which one day be R1.5 and to get it I need to have a way to boot different systems on BUG. But how to do that?Few things are required:U-Boot (which is required for R1.5 and optional for R1.4)microSD card (which is required anyway)images of different operating systemscard readersome timeFirst of all...
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Java Coding Style

I used to work at a place that had a big long document on company-wide coding conventions.  Some of the conventions were arbitrary and ugly, like prefixing all method parameters with a lower-case p (I came to realize that all of the variable prefixing made the code less readable, not more).  We also had rules on where to write the curly braces, where to declare variables, how to name classes, etc. Some of it was...
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It's Open House Time!

Please join us for our Open House! Bug Labs Open House:April 29th, 6-9pm598 Broadway, 4th floorCome check out our office and the test kitchen.  We will provide refreshments, watch yourself for stray nerf darts. 
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How to Start Concierge and use Grep

You may want to look at what messages are coming through in your concierge log. Here's how:root@BUG ~# cat /var/log/concierge.logIf you want to find particular words or instances of something happening, you can use grep:root@BUG ~#  grep -i Exception /var/log/concierge.logException can be changed to anything you're looking for, in the video below there weren't any exceptions reported back, so I grepped for "started" to show what it would look like to get messages back.  
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Backup and Restore Your BUG with the VH Module & a USB Stick

Since I find myself re-flashing my BUG's root filesystem a lot, and since I want to make sure that my modifications and personalizations from my current working rootfs find their way onto the newly-flashed BUG, I've automated the process a little.Until there's a more official way to backup and restore your BUG, I'll share how I do it.First, I track changes in my BUG's /etc directory in an etc directory in my home directory.  Currently,...
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ZenGarden Alpha

I was sick all weekend and Saturday was a cold rainy day, so I cozied up on the couch with my wife and coded.  For a while I messed around with animation on AWT.  AWT is like ancient technology, but it comes stock on BUG's JVM and runs pretty well on BUG.  Then, sometime saturday afternoon, I started playing with mtpaint and making pixel art.  I am inspired by a Zen rock garden I saw...
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