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Total Request Live!

I've spent some time these past weeks trying to figure out a good way to get some extra packages into our online package repository.  After discussing with Marcin and Ken, we finally decided that we'd have our own extra overlay and buildbot slave that would build a meta-package and its dependant packages.What does this mean?  It means that we can bring in packages from OE, build them, and host the binaries (and relevant package-related metadata)...
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BUG + MySQL + openJDK-cacao

Developing database applications for the Bug Platform can be challenging, mostly because phoneME doesn't support JDBC. A viable solution to this problem might be installing a different JVM, one which supports JDBC, like cacao or openJDK. However, like almost any solution in the computer world, nothing comes for free; by switching phoneME for cacao or openJDK you'll sacrifice speed in order to gain more functionalities (see kschultz JVM Comparison post). Recently, I wrote an app...
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Chainsaw HOWTO

Introduction Welcome to the home of Chainsaw v2! Chainsaw v2 is a companion application to Log4j written by members of the Log4j development community. Like a number of Open Source projects, this new version was built upon inspirations, ideas and creations of others. Chainsaw v2 has it's roots from the original Chainsaw utility written by Oliver Burn, and with inspiration from the Log Factor 5 utility contributed by ThoughtWorks Inc. Available Distributions Java Web Start...
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Java Coding Style

I used to work at a place that had a big long document on company-wide coding conventions.  Some of the conventions were arbitrary and ugly, like prefixing all method parameters with a lower-case p (I came to realize that all of the variable prefixing made the code less readable, not more).  We also had rules on where to write the curly braces, where to declare variables, how to name classes, etc. Some of it was...
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BugMail (Installing Postfix in your Bug)

Overview  With so many free mail services out there why would you like to have your own. Well, I can think in a few reasons: probably you want to create a portable e-mail both, or simply you want to play around with your bug. Another good reason would be that phoneME doesn't support https which it's need it if you want to use any free mail service (yahoo, gmail, etc), and having postfix is a...
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JFace EditingSupport for Custom Tables

Stan Lee in Spider Man taught us that, "With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!"  I think about that quote when working on Eclipse plug-ins, only it changes in my head to read, "With great power there must also come -- great complexity!"  Eclipse provides the building blocks to do wonderfully powerful things, but to wade into plug-in development is to wade into all sorts of complexity.  My most recent responsibility/complexity was...
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BeagleBoard, Java, OSGi, and Benchmarking

The BeagleBoard is a sweet little single board computer from Texas Instruments, based on the OMAP 3530 processor. It features audio in and out, S-Video and DVI out, USB, RS-232, and an SD card (though surprisingly it lacks an Ethernet port or wifi onboard, so you must buy some extra parts if you want internet access). It has solid community support and well documented instructions for building an image with OpenEmbedded. The best place to...
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Concierge Tools for Eclipse (CTE) Update Available

Mainly a defect fix release, a new version 1.1.0 of CTE is now available.  There were several minor classpath resolution issues that caused some headaches, and caused often restarts of Eclipse to get many bundles working.  In addition there were some fixes to the launch UI, and these minor visual enhancements:1. CTE Projects are decorated as such2. Bundles have decorators on packages that are exported, making it easier to see what you're exporting3. New action...
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How to get BUG working with multiple systems

Most people working with BUG device use R1.4 as their operating system. But I am not one of them.Why? I am working on system which one day be R1.5 and to get it I need to have a way to boot different systems on BUG. But how to do that?Few things are required:U-Boot (which is required for R1.5 and optional for R1.4)microSD card (which is required anyway)images of different operating systemscard readersome timeFirst of all...
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N-Body Simulations: Fun Fun Fun!

Several months back and M3DD, in an after hours session in a rather empty and dark cafateria on Sun's San Jose campus, I saw a demo of Kepler's Orrery on a laptop by the developer, Simran Gleason.  I was immediatelly intriguged and, when discovering it was available on the iPhone, picked it up.  Physics simulations in general have always interested me and the way that music was incorporated into the simulation was really stunning. Simran's...
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