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ZenGarden Alpha

I was sick all weekend and Saturday was a cold rainy day, so I cozied up on the couch with my wife and coded.  For a while I messed around with animation on AWT.  AWT is like ancient technology, but it comes stock on BUG's JVM and runs pretty well on BUG.  Then, sometime saturday afternoon, I started playing with mtpaint and making pixel art.  I am inspired by a Zen rock garden I saw...
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Eclipse Strife (bonus: We are the trollz!)

I was just catching up on some Eclipse Planet reading while waiting for a build, and came across a fun little dialog between Mike Milinkovich and Bjorn Freeman-Benson.  Essentially there is some discussion is to how the Eclipse Foundation balances the needs of its for-profit members and its open source communities.  This has been a long time souce of confusion for me, as once upon a time I did some small work on ECF.  The...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone's looking forward to a break from the daily grind to spend time with family and friends.  And to eat wonderful food.  I love long day to work on personal projects and the like.  Here's a list the things I'm considering doing (though I will probably just eat and sleep):* Use JGame to make a cool game for BUG* Install Dosbox on my laptop and play Robot Odyssey.* Play COD* Make pumpkin or...
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How to Start Concierge and use Grep

You may want to look at what messages are coming through in your concierge log. Here's how:root@BUG ~# cat /var/log/concierge.logIf you want to find particular words or instances of something happening, you can use grep:root@BUG ~#  grep -i Exception /var/log/concierge.logException can be changed to anything you're looking for, in the video below there weren't any exceptions reported back, so I grepped for "started" to show what it would look like to get messages back.  
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BUG boots up

Ever wonder what your BUG is doing while it boots, as the bug logo goes around and around?Here's a screencast of BUG booting in minicom. You can see this too if you've hacked a serial connection on your BUG.
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How to get your BUG out of a Java Crash

If your BUG locks up in a way that the base LCD is unresponsive or the base icons are missing when you plug in your module, you're probably experiencing a Java crash. Follow the steps on this screencast to get it up and running again.(If you've hacked a serial connection, you'll see either a Signal 11 or Signal 4 process suspended).If you have version 1.4.3 rootfs or later, the commands will be as follows:root@BUG ~...
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Web dev series part two: Sewing

Sewing: Simple Embedded-OSGi Web frameworkBrian created Sewing library and named it out of his passion for craft involving fabric. Check out his introduction on Sewing if you haven't already.Compared to the previous method, you can build fairly sophisticated web apps with this MVC-based framework with less time and effort. It's even part of BUG Linux 1.4.3; if you're using a previous version, you can install com.buglabs.osgi.sewing separately. Sewing is especially great for:creating complex web-front  managing...
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Web dev series part one: PublicWSProvider2

Web people these days are spoiled with awesome frameworks and libraries. I personally love RoR and came to embrace jQuery library.Most of you probably know that BUG comes with a web server and module data is served via web services. Very web friendly. They let you share data and create mash-ups quickly.You have a number of options to create custom web services on BUG, and I hope to introduce you to these methods in this...
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/// Stripes (on Jetty (on BUG))

The default BUG software stack includes a simple Java web server and Servlet implementation.  The speed and simplicity comes at the expense of functionality.  In the web world, this means that JSP isn't supported.  To help remedy this, we created Sewing, a simple web framework for embedded OSGi systems.  It's not JSP, but it is Freemarker based and has a simple MVC architecture that makes creating dynamic web sites easy. If you want to host...
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How to make upgrading your BUG much easier

If you received your BUGbase earlier than May 15th 2009 and you haven't manually upgraded your BUG's bootloader then you've got Redboot.  What this means for you is:Your kernel resides in the BUGbase's onboard NOR.Before you upgrade your MMC or SD card, you'll need to flash NOR with a newer kernel image.HeadachesNobody likes headaches.  Why not ditch Redboot and relax with the convenience of U-Boot.  What does U-Boot mean for you?Your kernel resides on the...
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