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Wiring up the Von Hippel and Arduino

We've done some cool things with the Arduino and the BUG.  If you had a hankering to do something similar, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  The current released version of the BUG operating system, 1.3, does not have serial java communication built in.  If you want to do serial from java, you have a couple of options.  You can wait for 1.4 (I want it now!), you can build 1.4...
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Building C/C++ Programs for the BUG - A Quick Tutorial

Disclaimer - There are others (at BUG and in the world) that know more about this subject than I do.  I've just started to do some C coding for the BUG and wanted to share my experiences.  Please share your thoughts and critique mine.C programming for Linux devices just makes sense.  It is, of course, much easier to use the BUG SDK and write Java code, but C is more powerful and allows you to...
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Processing & BUG

While using processing on ARM (via openjdk-6-zero) has been done for quite some time, (even using the Arduino IDE), we just got it working on BUG.Just running sketches couldn't be easier.  Processing 1.5.1 allows sketches to be exported as applications:After hitting that, you should see the Sketch's jar in tie .pde's directory.  scp that up to bug using your favorite scp client, and just:java -jar Sketch.jar.Here's the pointillism example (in processing-1.5.1/modes/java/examples/Basics/Image/Pointillism/):Running the IDE on BUG is...
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Pulling in an OE Recipe

If there's a package you'd like on your BUG, but it isn't provided by default, you can often get the recipe for it from OpenEmbedded and use it to build the package for you. This is pretty easy if you already have the build environment setup for the BUG (see how to on the wiki).First, download OpenEmbedded using the instructions in the Obtaining OpenEmbedded Using GIT section of their Getting Started page. Once you have...
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Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG

Here's how you can set up your BUG to do live audio streaming.  It's like having your own "internet talk show"!To accomplish this, we will use icecast (a streaming audio server) and ices (which sends audio to the icecast server).Your BUG must have internet access (or local network access, if you only want to stream to your LAN rather than the internet).  Check the BUG wiki if you don't know how to set that up.Download...
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/// Stripes (on Jetty (on BUG))

The default BUG software stack includes a simple Java web server and Servlet implementation.  The speed and simplicity comes at the expense of functionality.  In the web world, this means that JSP isn't supported.  To help remedy this, we created Sewing, a simple web framework for embedded OSGi systems.  It's not JSP, but it is Freemarker based and has a simple MVC architecture that makes creating dynamic web sites easy. If you want to host...
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Using MPD, your BUGbase and BUGsound to make an audio server

&#The audio module has been out for a while now but it's still fun to hack around and see what can be done using the tools we have .  Peter has been asking for BUG-as-sound-server for some time now and I've tried a variety of solutions with varying degrees of success.  VLC's web front-end , xmms/php wrappers , etc...  The best solution I've found to date has been the project Music Player Daemon (MPD) and...
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Finding BUG Tutorials and Documentation

We are working on bringing all of the tutorials, documentation, and different repositories of information about the BUG into the BUG Community.  Currently, things are a little spread out and may be difficult to find.  We have information in the forums, the wiki, and here on the BUG Community site.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be making this information easier to find, but in the meantime, here's a list of useful places to go...
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Do it with LWUIT!

Anyone who has written BUG apps with GUIs in AWT and said "hmmm, I wish there was a better way..." might be interested in this blog post from Shai.  While LWUIT, a new graphics toolkit from Sun and Sprint, has been available for awhile for CLDC JVM it is still not available for PhoneME Advanced as an open source offering.  A few days back at M3DD I was told that the remaining restrictions are legal...
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BUG + MySQL + openJDK-cacao

Developing database applications for the Bug Platform can be challenging, mostly because phoneME doesn't support JDBC. A viable solution to this problem might be installing a different JVM, one which supports JDBC, like cacao or openJDK. However, like almost any solution in the computer world, nothing comes for free; by switching phoneME for cacao or openJDK you'll sacrifice speed in order to gain more functio