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Really, Apache Vysper, Really?!!?

I get to dip my toes into the middleware pool again.  Fun fun fun!  Apache Mina looks like an interesting and lightweight server platform.  Also XMPP seems cool, even though XML is SO 2005.  May as well call it CSV at this point.  But only after 14 or so nested directories I get to some client code that tests Vyspers's PubSub support.  Really, is all this nesting necessary?  Is there some bonus pool in the...
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I just gave $36 to last.fm

I've been a member of last.fm for a while now, since before they offered a music-streaming service (I think), back when they were audioscrobbler.  They still offer scrobbling services, which track your listening habits and allow you to go social on it.  I've even got the Scrobbl iphone app.Anyway, I primarily use last.fm for their (IMHO) better-than-pandora stations.  They don't do commercials, they don't have a rate-limit for fast forwarding.  I listen to Rachmaninoff radio...
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Marvell 88W8686, OLPC, libertas_tf... BUG as wifi AP?

I've been spending some spare time trying to get the BUG as a wifi AP.  I'd pretty much given up on libertas_tf because it was specific to the Marvell Libertas 8388 USB 802.11b/g cards (as I understand it), and the 88W8388 used in the OLPC XO-1.  Anyway, it looks like the OLPC XO-1.5 will be using the 88W8686 Marvell wifi chipset, which could have some sweet windfall for BUG users.  Have a look here:http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.laptop.org/msg22226.htmlandhttp://wiki.laptop.org/go/Thinfirm_1.5Looks super...
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Qualcomm vs. Sierra

I've decided to use our community blog for some observations I come across during development here at BUG, so expect to see a lot of quick posts from me in the future. Anyway, this post was interesting.  http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/category/drivers/ I came across while looking around for some documentation for CnS on Sierra devices, and whether there was some groundwork done by the FOSS community.
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Check out AutoBUG! The AutoBUG combines the BUG's hardware and connectivity (GPS, GSM, accelerometer, etc.) with data from a car via its CAN BUS. This system turns the car into a hotspot node on a network. The current iteration of this project should run on any GEN 2 Prius, which is one of the most fun and hackable cars around. See Brian's wiki info for some advice on how this project could be modified to...
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BUGduino knocks on our door...

BUGduino prototypes have arrived at our office! Behold all its prototypable glory: When our most excellent EE, Dave Riess, started at Bug he was looking for an easier way to drive motors through the BUGbase. Driving motors with BUG took an additional microcontroller, such as an Arduino strapped to a breadboard and ziptied to a BUG for handling Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). With some help from the community members who use both Arduino and BUG,...
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J2ME-style Location API on BUG

Recently while wrangling with an internal project that required some basic location functionality, I became pretty intimate with the BUG location API.  While the basics of retrieving location information from the GPS device is pretty straightforward using the existing API, other use cases are not so easy.  Additionally, the API seems to leak more NMEA complexity that is really necessary.  So, I decided to make it better. This is when I discovered openlapi, a FOSS...
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Ruby and RubyGems (and Rails!) on the Bug

Ruby is a language I've been meaning to learn for some time now and I figured I'd do that by using it for one of my projects here at Bug. The first thing I went to do was install RubyGems, the package manager for Ruby (much like pip and easy_install for Python), but I couldn't get it to work. It turned out that our default install of Ruby is missing some modules from the Ruby...
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AutoBUG preview

We are ramping up for the Mobile World Conference here at Bug Lab. We wanted to have a little video to take with us to show what one BUG application could do - we picked the AutoBUG and had Erik Lang put our ideas into a visual format. For the complete movie, and the real potential of AutoBUG, you will have to wait.  But to wet your whistle, here is the outakes trailer.
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Modular Java == Buildable Java

I started out today with a simple goal; "Let's build OpenJDK for OMAP this morning." I said to myself.  So I begin with a fresh build tree, pulling in the build recipes bit by bit.  I start to see unresolved depencency issues.  "No problem, I know where to get that." I mutter under my breath.  Then I hit another, and another.  "Rhino?  Really?!" I mutter as my mood darkens.  "SNOBOL-native?!"* In fact over an hour...
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