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Open House + Test Kitchen Ideas

Ideas were created in the Test Kitchen during the most recent Open House.  Below you'll see an application idea for a game, a retaliation technique, and a networked closet.   Check back to see further progression!    
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Pulling in an OE Recipe

If there's a package you'd like on your BUG, but it isn't provided by default, you can often get the recipe for it from OpenEmbedded and use it to build the package for you. This is pretty easy if you already have the build environment setup for the BUG (see how to on the wiki).First, download OpenEmbedded using the instructions in the Obtaining OpenEmbedded Using GIT section of their Getting Started page. Once you have...
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Snails in the Kitchen?

If you google for "snails in the kitchen", you'll probably find some recipes for various dishes I'm not likely to eat.  That and tips on how to keep slugs out of your cupboards.At Bug Labs, we don't necessarily think that snails in the kitchen are such a bad thing... depending on the context, of course.Let me clarify:  We recently had a little fun and killed a few minutes building a line tracing robotic snail in...
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Making of BUG Community

As you can see, our new BUG Community is up and running. In addition to our main BUGnet site, the community portal is a place for our users and developers to share ideas and experiment. You're most welcome to write about any coding project you've been itching to talk about (once we open the door to every BUGnet user). After receiving a set of key requirements from Peter and Ken, we did a fair bit...
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Rails Deployment - One Recipe, Many Targets

This site, like all of our rails sites, has a few different deployment targets, depending on what we're trying to do.  For us, the target might be the integration server (where developers give new code a test run after verifying it works on our local development machines), the testing server, or the production server.  We use Capistrano to do our deployments and employ a couple of strategies that allow us to easily deploy to any...
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BitBake Commander in Action

I have been holding off on doing any OE/Poky work until I was able to use OTE to do it.  Well, I was finally able to use the recipe editor and the console integration to upgrade our OSGi bundles from our old CVS repository to SVN.  And I'm playing around with swfdec from the OE dev branch.  While there are many rough edges it is working well!  I was able to check in recipes, search...
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What are you going to do in the Test Kitchen?

The Bug Labs staff has been having fun in the test kitchen.  We've learned to solder, fix some BUG boards, and alter the plastics.  Now it's your turn!  Bring your project to the Test Kitchen and set up shop for the day.  The Test Kitchen has open hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from noon-6.  Email alicia(at)buglabs.net to set up a time!  We welcome any projects and all kinds of collaboration.  Hope to see...
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Linux 2.6.27 Nearly There...

So, over the past few weeks I've been working on porting the linux kernel v over to the bug. The driving force behind this was the addition of some much need instrumentation and debugging tools to the Kernel tree. We'd also prefer not to fall too far behind the current kernel release. Up to now we have been debugging almost exclusively with printk's which, depending on your point of view, might seem either arcane...
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Using ServiceTrackerHelper rather than the AST

 While working on some tutorial material I pulled up the old SimpleGUI application.  It's pretty basic, but I've always been mildly troubled by the verbosity of the boiler plate code in the AbstractServiceTracker.  A while back I wrote some helper code that hides as much of that code as possible (for simple service tracking cases only) called ServiceTrackerHelper.  Here's the result:Using AbstractServiceTracker (Activator.java): public class Activator implements BundleActivator { private OneButtonAWTServiceTracker stc; private ServiceTracker st;...
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Goodbye nginx/mongrel_cluster, Hello Passenger!

So, it's no secret (or if it was, it's not any more) that we run Rails to provide the lion's share of our web content.  Until recently, we've been pretty much exclusively using nginx + a cluster of mongrels to do this.As a SysAdmin, I'm required by law to occasionally say, "That won't scale!" (even if it will).  However, as someone who really digs the Rails platform, and is constantly hearing all of the FUD...
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