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SWTBot for Eclipse UI Testing

Unit testing is an important part of any development cycle.  It's especially useful when you're trying to track down a defect in unfamiliar code.  When I get a defect report from the QA team, it tells me that there's some buggy code, obviously, but it also shows me areas where I'm not getting enough test coverage.  Tracking down a defect by first writing a test case is an excellent way to kill a couple of...
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Gnome-Mobile (re)defining itself?

As happy consumers of user interface technologies from the Gnome-Mobile project, we are always interested to know what's coming down the pipe next.  Recently an interesting discussion on proposed goals for the project was started by Stormy Peters and it evolved into a discussion on the very nature of the project.  It makes for good reading if your curious about the future of mobile Linux user interfaces and a great example of communities and projects...
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The value of community and openness: An Example

We at Bug have always believed in the power of open source communities and projects.  We believe in the power of free access to information, which thus gives the do-ers of the world the ability to take control.  These concepts are frequently discussed in our main blog: bugblogger.com.  We have talked about BUG the concept and Bug the company as radically open.  While our belief in the power of open is strong, it's sometimes hard...
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Svenska from Malmö

I am in Sweden at OREDEV, a software development conference.  I was invited here to talk about BUG and am very happy to attend.  Yesterday I presented a three hour tutorial on BUG, and we developed a few apps, inluding XmasTree  and Puck.  Overall things went pretty well, but we did have some troubles with IP over USB on Windows and Mac machines.  We're working on the issue and hope to have better solutions shortly. ...
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MotherBUG: Bigger, Badder, Unplugged

MotherBUG, our in-house publicly accessible physical BUG, is back online after a few release cycles and our big office relocation.  She's running MotherBUGTweetNTwitch again, as before.  This morning she caught bballantine and mcholerton getting in early.  The cool difference is that instead of using a daughter card to access our network, she's using a pre-production revision of our upcoming and long awaited wifi module.  There is still some work to be done getting userspace tools...
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Late night BlueZ...

Saying that the development of the Bug WiFi module has been a serious undertaking is a perhaps an understatement. Current and potential Bug users have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a technology that is taken for granted in the world of closed source hardware and NDA restricted device drivers. Its easy to scoff at and criticise the absence of wifi on the Bug, and from a distant perspective I could agree that the absence...
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Using Public Key Authentication with your BUG

The BUG uses dropbear at its SSH daemon. You can create a .ssh directory under the home directory of the root account and place an authorized_keys file in there, just like you could on most servers that support SSH. See a previous posting by me for more details.Not specifying a passphrase when setting up your keys is super convenient, but it does mean anyone with access to the computer that has your private key can...
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Speeding up SSH connections to your BUG

When SSHing to your BUG, you may notice a second or two delay before you get a prompt, even if you're just connecting over the USB ethernet connection from your computer.This typically happens because the SSH daemon (dropbear) on the BUG is trying to do a DNS lookup on your IP address. If it can't find a DNS entry, or can't get to a DNS server, it can take a few seconds before it will...
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Using USB ethernet with a Mac

If you're doing your Eclipse / Dragonfly BUG app work on a Mac, you will likely be using the USB ethernet connection to your BUG. Whenever the BUG boots, the g_ether module, which provides the USB ethernet, will by default generate a random MAC. OS X tracks network connections by MAC, and so every time you boot your BUG you will need to go through the process of creating a new enX connection for it,...
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How to set required SVN revision

Recently most (if not all) BUG components moved from CVS to Subversion. Many recipes got updated to that fact and set to fetch source from new repository. But the problem is that all of them have PV = "1.0" so each change to code require manual rebuilding instead of letting BitBake to notice new version and do new build.What I did in r7123-7125 was changing this. All recipes which fetch from http://svn.buglabs.net/ have now PV...
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