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Clif the Mad Noodler

 Clif was in the Test Kitchen circuit bending! Watch the video and see what he made. 
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Rootfs Flash without the Flash

With the final touches going onto R1.4 before it gets given to QA to tear up, the number of builds taking place per day has increased a bit. I prefer to test the changes that get made, so I'm regularly flashing my bug sd card. I was presented with a minor problem/challenge today: I had left my SD card reader at home and needed to get a new build running on my development bug.The solution:...
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TruV found a bug!

TruV, an organization ran by Cody Smith is attempting to use twenty-first century technology to aid those who are visually impaired to those that are completely blind. We are excited to announce that BUG Labs has taken interest in our project and will be providing us with our very own BUG to prototype a device that could drastically change the lives of over forty million people across the world. The device and its functions are...
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building a BUG App against the API in svn trunk

Us BUG developers have been working up a storm recently to bring out a new release of BUG software (R1.4, as yet unreleased).  This includes new additions to the API for new modules, and the occasional refactoring of APIs for existing modules.  Some of the changes are really cool and I want to begin writing BUG apps against the new APIs immediately.  While the SDK release schedule is fairly frequent, sometimes I prefer not to...
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Does Creating a New BUG App == Writing New Software?

Last night, before the Bug Labs annual holiday party, I downloaded and installed Ken Gilmer's XmasTree2 app onto my BUG, making it flash with shiny holiday goodness.I also installed finsprings' Camera app.  (btw: Thanks to fin and jconnolly for helping me get the app to run properly on my BUG!)Ken's peanut butter plus fin's chocolate combined to create a camera that is covered in attention-grabbing (dare I say, hypnotizing?) multi-colored flashing lights, so that every...
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Finding BUG Tutorials and Documentation

We are working on bringing all of the tutorials, documentation, and different repositories of information about the BUG into the BUG Community.  Currently, things are a little spread out and may be difficult to find.  We have information in the forums, the wiki, and here on the BUG Community site.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be making this information easier to find, but in the meantime, here's a list of useful places to go...
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CACAO + GNU Classpath on BUG

In order to support a partner, we needed to get a JVM on the BUG that had the commericial-friendly classpath exception clause to the GPL.  Unfortuantely phoneME does not have this, however GNU Classpath does.  I know of two JVMs we could use: JamVM and CACAO.  The Jalimo people have done a good job updating OpenEmbedded with the latest CACAO sources.  Marcin completed the work in getting a build image from sources with CACAO and...
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BUGbot Wheels Module by Ilan Moyer

Ilan Moyer stopped by the Test Kitchen for a visit.  With the CAD files he downloaded from BUG he was able to fabricate a base for wheels.  The wheels use DC motors and a motor driver.  They are programmable over serial, but we were trying to get the data through the Samtec connector that day. A truely awesome invention!
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