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Building C/C++ Programs for the BUG - A Quick Tutorial

Disclaimer - There are others (at BUG and in the world) that know more about this subject than I do.  I've just started to do some C coding for the BUG and wanted to share my experiences.  Please share your thoughts and critique mine.C programming for Linux devices just makes sense.  It is, of course, much easier to use the BUG SDK and write Java code, but C is more powerful and allows you to...
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Open Source Logos

The Linux system that runs on the BUG is a derivative of OpenEmbedded.  OpenEmbedded is like BUG Linux's big pappa.  Like all open source projects, OpenEmbedded relies on a community of developers and enthusiasts to move the project forward.  We, of course, through our use of OpenEmbedded, the open source drivers and software we write, our work with open source java on the arm, OSGi, etc. have tried to be good samaritans in the open...
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BUGbase UI Concepts - Ready For Your Feedback

IDEO has put together 5 BUGbase UI concepts and posted them on the BUG+IDEO blog.  This is a great chance for anyone who's interested, especially those of you who own a BUG, to get involved.  So head over there and read about the UI concepts.  Post your detailed feedback or just tell 'em which one you like the best.
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What I Learned At CES

Last week a few of us got shipped off to Vegas to talk about BUG at CES.  It was a pretty intense time.  I'm a fan of challenges, and most of the challenges I face as a software engineer are familiar.  I like to think about class hierarchies and software architecture, ui design, and code maintainability.  The challenge of CES was altogether different.At CES we would typically meet around 7:00am in our hotel, grab a...
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Wiring up the Von Hippel and Arduino

We've done some cool things with the Arduino and the BUG.  If you had a hankering to do something similar, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  The current released version of the BUG operating system, 1.3, does not have serial java communication built in.  If you want to do serial from java, you have a couple of options.  You can wait for 1.4 (I want it now!), you can build 1.4...
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Finding BUG Tutorials and Documentation

We are working on bringing all of the tutorials, documentation, and different repositories of information about the BUG into the BUG Community.  Currently, things are a little spread out and may be difficult to find.  We have information in the forums, the wiki, and here on the BUG Community site.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be making this information easier to find, but in the meantime, here's a list of useful places to go...
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SWTBot for Eclipse UI Testing

Unit testing is an important part of any development cycle.  It's especially useful when you're trying to track down a defect in unfamiliar code.  When I get a defect report from the QA team, it tells me that there's some buggy code, obviously, but it also shows me areas where I'm not getting enough test coverage.  Tracking down a defect by first writing a test case is an excellent way to kill a couple of...
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Rails Deployment - One Recipe, Many Targets

This site, like all of our rails sites, has a few different deployment targets, depending on what we're trying to do.  For us, the target might be the integration server (where developers give new code a test run after verifying it works on our local development machines), the testing server, or the production server.  We use Capistrano to do our deployments and employ a couple of strategies that allow us to easily deploy to any...
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