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Rails Deployment - One Recipe, Many Targets

This site, like all of our rails sites, has a few different deployment targets, depending on what we're trying to do.  For us, the target might be the integration server (where developers give new code a test run after verifying it works on our local development machines), the testing server, or the production server.  We use Capistrano to do our deployments and employ a couple of strategies that allow us to easily deploy to any given target.

The easiest thing to do is use different task names to organize variables that change for different targets.  The following deployment script has two targets, testing and production.  The rest is common code, run for either target:

set :application, "my_application" set :user, "username" set :keep_releases, 3 set :use_sudo, false task :testing do # setup set :repository, "svn://path/to/testing/branch" set :deploy_to, "/path/to/#{application}" set :rails_env, "development" # machines role :web, "testing-server" role :app, "testing-server" role :db, "testing-server", :primary => true end task :production do # setup set :repository, "svn://path/to/production/tag" set :deploy_to, "/path/to/#{application}" set :rails_env, "production" # machines role :web, "prod-server" role :app, "prod-server" role :db, "prod-server", :primary => true end namespace :deploy do desc "Restart Application" task :restart, :roles => :app do run "touch #{current_path}/tmp/restart.txt" end end

To deploy, say, to the testing target, run: cap testing deploy

If what you're trying to do is more complicated than this, for example if you have two targets that are vastly different, you might want to have more than one deployment recipes.  You can handle this situation by modifying Capfile, which is created in the root of your project when you "capify" it.

if respond_to?(:other) load 'config/deploy.other.rb' else load 'config/deploy.rb' end

Here, I've added some lines that allow me to choose between deployment recipies when I run capistrano.  With the above code in Capfile, calling cap deploy -S other will run the deployment using deploy.other.rb instead of deploy.rb.

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