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Connman on Bug Labs Linaro 2.6.35

Bug is in the process of final testing our next kernel release, based on Linaro 2.6.35. We are calling it 'Bug Firmware 2.1" so folks can easily identiy the package.  As part of this release, we are changing over to using connman as our network connectivity tool.  Connman is a DBus based network managment tool, and it replaces quite a bit of the config file tweaking traditional linux uses.

The Oldness (aka network settings and files not used in FW 2.1)

The New Hotness (new networking tools used in FW 2.1)



The best way to work at the network is to simply plug in the LCD or Video mondule on boot, and use the networking App we ship with it. If you insist on working on the command line, you still can do that too. We have a nice dbus interface script you can use /usr/lib/connman/test for conection setup and testing using connman



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