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Spice up your desktop

Do you spend time looking for cool wallpapers for your computer and phone? I do!

Here's how to tweak Matchbox window manager settings on BUG and create your own theme:

  • Themes are located in /usr/share/themes. Copy the existing theme directory such as "Bug," and rename it.
  • Each theme contains index.theme file and gtk-2.0 and matchbox directories. Open index.theme and change Name, GtkTheme, and MatchboxTheme. My new theme is called "Ocean" and I left IconTheme as is to reuse the existing icons.

[X-GNOME-Metatheme] Encoding=UTF-8 Type=X-GNOME-Metatheme Name=Ocean GtkTheme=Ocean IconTheme=Bug MatchboxTheme=Ocean

  • Download gtk-2.0/titlebar-panel-background.png to your workstation and use your favorite graphic editor to adjust the color. I used Gimp's Colorize and Hue/Saturation menus to update colors. Place the file back on BUG.
  • Use a color picker tool to get a hex color code of the bar area of the PNG image you just updated. Open matchbox/theme.xml and put this color code in the base element. This make take a few trials to get the right shade. You can also update other settings like font size, color, etc.

<color id="base" def="#3B6E9F" />

  • Go to BUG's Settings, then Appearance. Your new theme should appear in the dropdown. Check out your new theme and update it as necessary.

created on: 05/20/09


created on: 05/20/09


created on: 05/20/09


Have fun!

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