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Going IPv6 on BUG

If you've read agordon's IPv6 posts here and here, I'm sure you're very psyched about it. To help you get started, we added IPv6 Setup in BUGdash. Make sure you have the latest BUG software 1.4.3 and download the latest version of BUGdash. Under System, IPv6 Setup gives you a checklist of items you need in order to run an IPv6 client on BUG. We're using gogoNET's Freenet6 as a tunnel provider and its Gateway6...
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Web dev series part two: Sewing

Sewing: Simple Embedded-OSGi Web frameworkBrian created Sewing library and named it out of his passion for craft involving fabric. Check out his introduction on Sewing if you haven't already.Compared to the previous method, you can build fairly sophisticated web apps with this MVC-based framework with less time and effort. It's even part of BUG Linux 1.4.3; if you're using a previous version, you can install com.buglabs.osgi.sewing separately. Sewing is especially great for:creating complex web-front  managing...
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Web dev series part one: PublicWSProvider2

Web people these days are spoiled with awesome frameworks and libraries. I personally love RoR and came to embrace jQuery library.Most of you probably know that BUG comes with a web server and module data is served via web services. Very web friendly. They let you share data and create mash-ups quickly.You have a number of options to create custom web services on BUG, and I hope to introduce you to these methods in this...
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User-friendly admin tool for BUG: BUGdash

We have an interesting new project released in BUGnet. BUGdash is a web-based admin tool for managing software and viewing settings on BUG. It allows users to manage apps and view information without having to download SDK or use terminal. It's very much like Control Panel or System Preferences, but tailored to BUG. We hope that it will make using BUG more enjoyable and fun.Here's a quick list of features: http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/BUGdash#Features  Overview BUG apps Logs...
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BUGnet updates

We have new BUGnet updates that include quite handy tools for developers.  Code Search http://buglabs.net/codesearch This allows you to search against public BUG apps and browse projects in your browser. We're using Xapian search engine and acts_as_xapian Rails plugin. On top of that we added lots of client-side goodness to make your browsing experience more pleasant. Xapian supports basic search operators and we added custom ones like user and file. Are you curious how jconnolly...
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NY Tech Meetup Showcase

A group of us went to NY Tech Meetup Showcase yesterday at FIT. It was a showcase for 60 tech companies in New York City. We met great people, showed off what BUG can do, and got great feedback. Here are some of highlights: People get it when they see BUG. Xmas light never fails to attract crowd.  I met a very diverse group of people-- developers, engineers, marketing folks, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, students, and...
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Spice up your desktop

Do you spend time looking for cool wallpapers for your computer and phone? I do!Here's how to tweak Matchbox window manager settings on BUG and create your own theme: Themes are located in /usr/share/themes. Copy the existing theme directory such as "Bug," and rename it. Each theme contains index.theme file and gtk-2.0 and matchbox directories. Open index.theme and change Name, GtkTheme, and MatchboxTheme. My new theme is called "Ocean" and I left IconTheme as is...
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BUG Community update

We have released a number of new features in BUG Community!First, we migrated our forums to Beast based forums in Community Engine. As much as we appreciate the phpBB open source project, we certainly love Beast's integration with CE, ease-of-use, and simple UI. We did our best to retain previous messages and user data, but if you have any problem updating older posts, let us (webmaster [at] buglabs.net) know.Now that the forums is a part...
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Google Creative Sandbox

After work Thursday, some of us attended Google's Creative Sandbox '09 here in New York. The invite said it's a showcase for creative folks.. and something about free drinks. The event was very lively and full of festive spirit. There was a main presentation on SketchUp and its integration with Google Earth-- the presenter dropped a huge space shuttle over Wall Street. Some of other demos included YouTube Insight (statistic tool), Google TV (not for...
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Learning to enjoy writing test cases

I'm not big on writing test cases. Before joining Bug Labs, I mainly did .NET dev for three years, and "building" a project was sufficient enough to move on to the next item. When I started doing Rails stuff, bballantine told me why I should be writing test cases and so did numerous bloggers/developers. Ok, I get it. But writing test cases was still only a bit less painful than pulling teeth for me."I could...
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