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Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG

Here's how you can set up your BUG to do live audio streaming.  It's like having your own "internet talk show"!

To accomplish this, we will use icecast (a streaming audio server) and ices (which sends audio to the icecast server).

  1. Your BUG must have internet access (or local network access, if you only want to stream to your LAN rather than the internet).  Check the BUG wiki if you don't know how to set that up.
  2. Download all of the .ipk files from here (Icecast) and here (Ices).
  3. Create a directory (I recommend /tmp/icecast) on your BUG, and place all of the downloaded .ipk files in that directory.
  4. Install the packages by entering that directory and using the "ipkg install" command (cd /tmp/icecast ; ipkg install *.ipk).
  5. Download the config files for icecast (/etc/icecast.xml) and ices (/etc/ices.xml), and the start/stop wrapper scripts (/usr/local/bin/start_icecast.sh and /usr/local/bin/stop_icecast.sh).  Place these files into their appropriate directories on your BUG (/etc or /usr/local/bin) and make them executable (chmod +x /usr/local/bin/*icecast.sh).
  6. Make sure your BUG has a valid audio source (such as BUGaudio or a USB mic via the VonHippel module).
  7. Run the wrapper script to start icecast/ices.
  8. In a web browser, go to http://(your BUG's IP):8000/
  9. You should see an M3U link.  Click it.  If you already have software installed and configured to handle M3U links (I recommend VLC), that software should open and start to play your audio stream.  If you don't have such software installed, just save the M3U file, then install VLC and open it up with that.


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