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Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG

Here's how you can set up your BUG to do live audio streaming.  It's like having your own "internet talk show"!To accomplish this, we will use icecast (a streaming audio server) and ices (which sends audio to the icecast server).Your BUG must have internet access (or local network access, if you only want to stream to your LAN rather than the internet).  Check the BUG wiki if you don't know how to set that up.Download...
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IPv6 Killer App (the elevator pitch version)

Today, I re-read Jean-Francois Tremblay's post at go6.net titled "The IPv6 Killer App", with the mindset of "what does IPv6 mean for the BUG, and for Bug Labs' customers?".My IPv6 "elevator pitch" after reading that post and thinking a bit is basically this:IPv6 allows for host-to-host communication, without all of that pesky NAT getting in the way. Host-to-host can mean BUG-to-BUG, PC-to-BUG, BUG-to-PC, BUG-to-(other device), (other device)-to-BUG, BUG-to-(some web service), and of course, (some web...
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Backup and Restore Your BUG with the VH Module & a USB Stick

Since I find myself re-flashing my BUG's root filesystem a lot, and since I want to make sure that my modifications and personalizations from my current working rootfs find their way onto the newly-flashed BUG, I've automated the process a little.Until there's a more official way to backup and restore your BUG, I'll share how I do it.First, I track changes in my BUG's /etc directory in an etc directory in my home directory.  Currently,...
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IPv6 - More Than Just Lots of IP Addresses

There are a lot of benefits to IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol.  Most articles you'll find on the Internet relating to the benefits of IPv6 have to do with its huge address space.And, while that's all well and good, and will help to solve IPv4 depletion problems (if we ever truly get to that point, which may happen within the next few years unless certain things change), the problem that IPv6 solves for me...
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What does a SIP phone look like on BUG?  At the moment, physically mine looks like a BUG with a VonHippel module and USB headset.  Logically, it looks like a BUG running some sort of SIP client software (such as pjsua), and VoIP server software, like Digium's Asterisk.Thanks to cmw's work on getting the pjsua non-GUI SIP client software compiled and working properly on BUG, I'm now able to use the BUG as a phone...
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Does Creating a New BUG App == Writing New Software?

Last night, before the Bug Labs annual holiday party, I downloaded and installed Ken Gilmer's XmasTree2 app onto my BUG, making it flash with shiny holiday goodness.I also installed finsprings' Camera app.  (btw: Thanks to fin and jconnolly for helping me get the app to run properly on my BUG!)Ken's peanut butter plus fin's chocolate combined to create a camera that is covered in attention-grabbing (dare I say, hypnotizing?) multi-colored flashing lights, so that every...
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Snails in the Kitchen?

If you google for "snails in the kitchen", you'll probably find some recipes for various dishes I'm not likely to eat.  That and tips on how to keep slugs out of your cupboards.At Bug Labs, we don't necessarily think that snails in the kitchen are such a bad thing... depending on the context, of course.Let me clarify:  We recently had a little fun and killed a few minutes building a line tracing robotic snail in...
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Goodbye nginx/mongrel_cluster, Hello Passenger!

So, it's no secret (or if it was, it's not any more) that we run Rails to provide the lion's share of our web content.  Until recently, we've been pretty much exclusively using nginx + a cluster of mongrels to do this.As a SysAdmin, I'm required by law to occasionally say, "That won't scale!" (even if it will).  However, as someone who really digs the Rails platform, and is constantly hearing all of the FUD...
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