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BUG boots up

Ever wonder what your BUG is doing while it boots, as the bug logo goes around and around?Here's a screencast of BUG booting in minicom. You can see this too if you've hacked a serial connection on your BUG.
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How to get your BUG out of a Java Crash

If your BUG locks up in a way that the base LCD is unresponsive or the base icons are missing when you plug in your module, you're probably experiencing a Java crash. Follow the steps on this screencast to get it up and running again.(If you've hacked a serial connection, you'll see either a Signal 11 or Signal 4 process suspended).If you have version 1.4.3 rootfs or later, the commands will be as follows:root@BUG ~...
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BUG, Arduino, Arduino, BUG

From time to time we get questions asking about the differences between BUG and the Arduino. Having done my graduate research on the Arduino and new media art for the past two years, I thought I'd take a stab at answering the question.   Photos by JB LabruneWhile both platforms are open source and exceedingly useful there are some key functionality differences that set them apart. The first and core difference (no, literally) is that...
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Two Hands Project comes to the Test Kitchen

Bilal, Jordan and crew of the Two Hands Project came to film in the Test Kitchen at Bug Labs.  They're making a hackumentary of hackerspaces. Flying all over from hackerspace to hackerspace using JetBlue's fly-all-u-can-for-$500-in-a-month. Little did JetBlue know, these guys would take it as a challenge to visit as many hackerspaces in one month and document the entire thing. Naturally, they stopped by Bug to check out our Test Kitchen. Bilal was increadible at...
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The Amazing and Inspiring LinuxCon!

Bug sent me to LinuxCon in Portland last week. Having used Linux for only two years I found people most welcoming and willing to share their knowledge, but I guess I should have known that would be the case as open source communities <3 sharing info!I had the pleasure of meeting Linus Torvalds - the *real* Linus Torvalds, AND actually some of the fake Linus Torvalds - make sure to watch the video - that...
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Our latest member to the BUG community

I met Kevyn at LinuxCon in Portland. He's a software engineer in Montreal. He was really enthusiastic about working with BUG so we gave him one at the end of the conference.Kevyn had previously worked with Gumstix and other hardware projects. He showed me this LCD screen embedded in Legos. When I saw this project, I knew he'd be a great at developing his own stuff on BUG!
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DIY Heart Rate Monitor

Cliff Eddens, of Cornell Medical Center, and Krystoff and Matt of Medtronic taught an incredible course on BIOelectricity in the Test Kitchen.  Above Peter Semmelhack, CEO at BUG, made his own heart rate motitor with a few chips on a breadboard and wired himself up.  Peter is becoming an old hat at making heart rate monitors - he's also made one with BUG. Thanks to Htink for organizing the event!The board layout:Our two fearless engineers!...
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BUG research callout!

Kerstin Balka, a graduate student at the Hamburg University of Technology, is researchung Open-Innovation Projects.  If you are part of the BUG community, please take 5 minutes to fill out her survey:http://www.survey.open-innovation-projects.org/start/66/Speaking as a grad student myself, I know she'll appreciate this! We would also like to thank her for including BUG in her research. 
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Upcoming classes in the Test Kitchen

Sign Up for Bioelectricity Find out about electricity in your body!  This class will be a high level introduction to the world of bioelectricity, and devices that act on these principles with a particular focus on implantable cardiac devices like pacemakers and defibrillators.  Matthieu and Krystoff, engineers with Medtronic, will discuss how living organisms create and maintain electrical potentials through the use of transmembrane ion pumps. Sign Up for Clock WorksThis lecture will cover the very basics...
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Pictures from the Test Kitchen

Here's some photos from recent classes in the Test Kitchen. Many designs were made with conductive thread and LEDs at the soft circuits class.We had a sucessful Linux Install Fest, it was exciting to see so many people installing Linux!  About 20 people installed different distros of Linux and most of them first time Linux users.There was also an impromptu BUG lesson, as some instructors of FIRST robotics brought their BUG to play with:MAKE:NYC hosted...
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