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Pictures from the Test Kitchen

Here's some photos from recent classes in the Test Kitchen.

Many designs were made with conductive thread and LEDs at the soft circuits class.

created on: 08/31/09

We had a sucessful Linux Install Fest, it was exciting to see so many people installing Linux!  About 20 people installed different distros of Linux and most of them first time Linux users.

created on: 08/31/09

There was also an impromptu BUG lesson, as some instructors of FIRST robotics brought their BUG to play with:

created on: 08/31/09

MAKE:NYC hosted a game night here:

created on: 08/31/09

There have been more Urban Farming hydroponic classes, and another coming up!

created on: 08/31/09

See more photos from classes on our flickr stream.

Check out upcoming events hosted by htink here!


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