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New Python Libraries for Bug

One the greatest features of the BUG is the amazing Bug Java Framework (not an official name yet, but I hope it'll catch on), which provides: modularity, tons for services, low level interaction with modules, etc. Without doubts, Bug Java Framework is the de facto system to write applications for BUG. However, many programming languages are supported by BUG, for example python and ruby come pre-installed in R1.4.3 If you want to write python apps...
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BUG + MySQL + openJDK-cacao

Developing database applications for the Bug Platform can be challenging, mostly because phoneME doesn't support JDBC. A viable solution to this problem might be installing a different JVM, one which supports JDBC, like cacao or openJDK. However, like almost any solution in the computer world, nothing comes for free; by switching phoneME for cacao or openJDK you'll sacrifice speed in order to gain more functionalities (see kschultz JVM Comparison post). Recently, I wrote an app...
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BugMail (Installing Postfix in your Bug)

Overview  With so many free mail services out there why would you like to have your own. Well, I can think in a few reasons: probably you want to create a portable e-mail both, or simply you want to play around with your bug. Another good reason would be that phoneME doesn't support https which it's need it if you want to use any free mail service (yahoo, gmail, etc), and having postfix is a...
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The very first thing I noticed when I started to "play" with the bug  was that swing library was missing. After a couple of month I just accepted  AWT is the best I could do.  But a few weeks ago started  to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to LWUITMB. LWUTMB is a port of LWUIT on top the MicroBackend Library. With some modification I was able to import LWUITMB into...
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