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Open Source head to head

by Bug Labs team FarMcKon  May 01, 2011

As part of research and development (aka R&D to those in the industry) I ordered an Ultimate Beagle Gadget Pack from our friends over at Liquidware.  As one of the...

libpd: Embedding Graphical Programming

by Bug Labs team aturley  April 20, 2011

Pure Data (also known as pd) is a graphical programming language. Programs are called "patches", and consist of lots of boxes connected to each other by lines. Here's a picture...

Chat with a BUG

by Bug Labs team aturley  April 11, 2011

I little while back I stumbled across an article that talked about one man's work of building an extendable IRC bot with OSGi.A little more recently, I read about why...

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