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Processing & BUG

by Bug Labs team jconnolly  June 01, 2011

While using processing on ARM (via openjdk-6-zero) has been done for quite some time, (even using the Arduino IDE), we just got it working on BUG.Just running sketches couldn't be easier....

Solution Sprint #1 - BUGtunes

by Bug Labs team mpeddicord  May 06, 2011

The Challenge: Use BUG in a meaningful way... today  The Proposal: Make BUG a wireless music server everyone can collaboratively add music to, create playlists with, and use.  First: We...

New software for an old BUG

by Bug Labs team kgilmer  May 04, 2011

While the BUG 2.0 hardware platform is the shiney new toy everyone wants/NEEEDS, what can we say about our trusty BUG 1.x devices sitting around?  I think they are in...

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