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At Bug Labs, I manage information technology systems including servers, routers, switches and "various miscellaneous what-have-you". If it has an IP address, chances are I'm probably the guy working to keep it running. I'm a bit of an open source jack-of-all-trades, having fallen in love with Linux and pretty much all things f/oss back in the mid-90's. My past titles have ranged anywhere from "Guy in Charge of Underlined Clicky Text" to the more pompous "IT Director" and "Chief Technologist".

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To: akweon

On: Going IPv6 on BUG (Post)

"The future is FINALLY here! Next step... flying cars!"

To: akweon

On: User-friendly admin tool for BUG: BUGdash (Post)

"This really looks incredible, Amie. I can't wait to try..."

To: agordon

On: IPv6 - More Than Just Lots of IP Addresses (Post)

"I'll email you some details, John.  Let me know if..."

To: agordon

On: Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG (Post)

"I believe you'll need 1.4.  I've not used 1.3 much,..."

To: agordon

"Yeah, our hosting provider had some database issues.  It's all..."

Recent Blog Posts

Audio Streaming w/Icecast & Ices on BUG

Here's how you can set up your BUG to do live audio streaming.  It's like having your own "internet talk show"!To accomplish this, we will use icecast (a streaming audio server) and ices (which sends audio to the icecast server).Your BUG must have internet access (or local network access, if you only want to stream to your LAN rather than the internet).  Check the BUG wiki if you don't know how to set that up.Download...
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IPv6 Killer App (the elevator pitch version)

Today, I re-read Jean-Francois Tremblay's post at go6.net titled "The IPv6 Killer App", with the mindset of "what does IPv6 mean for the BUG, and for Bug Labs' customers?".My IPv6 "elevator pitch" after reading that post and thinking a bit is basically this:IPv6 allows for host-to-host communication, without all of that pesky NAT getting in the way. Host-to-host can mean BUG-to-BUG, PC-to-BUG, BUG-to-PC, BUG-to-(other device), (other device)-to-BUG, BUG-to-(some web service), and of course, (some web...
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Yeah, our hosting provider had some database issues.  It's all fixed now.

buglabs.net is down. :)

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