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I'm the other "marketing" guy at Bug Labs, responsible for the company's communications and evangelism efforts. My battle scars come from several years of agency, corporate and start-up experience, working at, representing and handling companies such as IBM, Macromedia (now Adobe), Qwest, Boeing, NETGEAR and Harris. At the age of 12, long before that Michael Dell guy made it big, I started my venture into technology by building and selling computers out of my parents' garage. The marketing "bug" hit me in college, leading me to forsake a future in computer engineering to instead pursue a degree in business administration and management. In my spare time, I travel on my motorcycle, pretend I can program in Java, and watch good independent films and really bad action films.

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To: akweon

On: User-friendly admin tool for BUG: BUGdash (Post)

"just upped it to my BUG... it is very slick..."

To: Smartkid

On: TruV wins $1000 seed grant! (Post)

"Nice! Congrats Cody. A little goes a long way, and..."

To: agordon

On: BUG SIP Phone / BUG*PBX (Post)

"yeeeeeeeeeeeah, this needs to be promoted like WILDFIRE. great stuff,..."

Recent Blog Posts

BUG to N810 serial hack

On his blog, cmw just posted details (and pictures) of yet another awesome BUG-related hack. After building the first homebrew BUGmodule and following up by porting Quake to the BUG, cmw shows us his latest invention - a little level-shifting thingamajigeroo that interfaces two serial devices. In this case, a BUGbase and a Nokia N810. "Since most embedded hardware has a serial port (typically hidden in an obscure place) I decided to build a device...
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Quake on the BUG!

A pretty significant milestone has passed here at Bug Labs - might we say, the "killer" app has finally arrived. That's right - Quake has been ported to the BUG!  Using QuakeSDL, BUGcommunity member cmw hacked together a binary which is guaranteed to replace the Bug team's nightly COD2 deathmatches.  We're already salivating at the idea of CTF matches over a BUGwifi or BUGbee 802.15.4 network!In three steps, you can now play Quake with your...
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